Our client, a leading automotive supplier, faced a not-so-uncommon obstacle with an upcoming IoT deployment: namely, new features that could not be brought to market due to integration challenges with existing products (in this case, a mix of diesel, electric and hybrid cars). This problem became even clearer after attempting to integrate infotainment systems, Microsoft cloud services, services for Android/iOS phones and more. Fortunately, Randstad Technologies came to the rescue.


Randstad immediately got to work creating new technology solutions, with the goal of integrating embedded systems with cloud infrastructure, streamlining code and testing all phases of development. Our solution included:

  • conducting end-to-end (E2E) integration and validation
  • overseeing the automation of core platform as well as test automation
  • providing engineering expertise to support the client’s project goals with key technologies, including REST API, MQTT protocol, cloud services, backend servers, Linux, CAN/LIN, C/C++, Bash, Python and more


Key outcomes of the engagement included:

  • sharing full ownership of deliverables and meeting all client deadlines during the engagement
  • providing much-needed technical expertise and assistance to the client
  • ensuring on-time delivery  developing an in-best-cost-country model