In today’s competitive hiring market, it’s not enough to just get the talent you need. After all, lots of staffing firms can help you fill roles. But if the candidates they’re sending you aren’t the right fit from day one, those hires likely won’t stick around for long. And when that happens, your business will be back to square one, with no end to the cycle of hiring, training and churning in sight.

At Randstad, we help you break free of this vicious cycle by getting you the talent you need right now, backed by strategies to position your entire workforce for long-term success. We prevent you from having to incur the costs of making a bad hire — which can be as much as 21 percent of an employee’s yearly salary — and free you from the toll that high turnover can take on your business. With the right talent on your team, engagement will improve and productivity will skyrocket, so your business can get into the groove it needs in order to grow.

21% Average Turnover

better talent through our people-powered, tech-forward approach

We use our own carefully balanced approach to staffing, which relies on technology in the initial rounds of sourcing, but when it’s time to get personal, we leave tech by the wayside. We’re not robots — and neither are the candidates you’re looking to hire — so our recruiters will sit down with you to get a feel for your business, its working environment and the kind of personalities and working styles that are needed to succeed in it.

Our extensive talent network is filled with proven, pre-vetted professionals from both all across the globe and right in your backyard, so when you get candidates from us, you can rest assured that they’ll have the tools needed to get the job done.

talent solutions tailored to your market

But our personalized approach doesn’t stop there. The recruiters you work with are also specialists in your local market, so they’ll have the knowledge and resources needed to deliver workforce solutions — along with the talent — that make sense for your area.

Our recruiters can provide you with the latest data to help you stay ahead of the curve so you never lose candidates to the competition. We update our salary and compensation findings quarterly to give you up-to-the-minute insights on how best to set your levels to attract and retain your talent — no other staffing firm can say the same.

all your staffing needs met in one place

While other staffing agencies can give you some of these benefits, you can’t get them all in one place like you can with Randstad. Working with us on all your staffing needs creates a better familiarity between us and your business and helps improve the accuracy of the results that we deliver to you across the board. For example, it’s helpful to have the firm that’s finding you candidates be the same firm that’s helping you develop your retention strategy. Being able to get an idea of who the people are behind the numbers can put your plans in a new light, and help tailor them even more to the individual needs of your workplace.

let’s get started

Between better hires, lower costs and talent strategies designed just for you, there’s a lot that your business can gain by partnering with us. If you want to learn more about all the ways we can help, click here to get in touch.