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overview: The fire of Covid-19 continues to flicker, flaring up here even as it's stomped out there, and claiming lives around the globe all the while. In the interim, organizations face a rash of challenges: revenue loss, liquidity constraints, workforce disruption and more. As a result, most companies are tightly focused on outcomes, and who can blame them? But the problem is that it's causing them to act transactionally at a moment when they should be thinking strategically.


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To achieve desired outcomes, organizations would be better served by an approach that takes into account the context — notably, massive human capital disruption, some of it likely irreversible — in which those outcomes are being pursued. Such an approach would draw on new competencies, like embracing uncertainty and leveraging new workforce models, like agile, to drive business value and increase digital maturity, rather than treating these as existential threats, the storms to be weathered for now.

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Jim Link
Jim Link

Jim Link

jim link is chief human resources officer of randstad north america