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overview: Advances in productivity and technology have placed a greater premium on skilled employees, and this is as much the case in the finance function as it is anywhere else. In the information economy, human capital is an organization’s most vital resource, and maintaining and cultivating talent is paramount. I recently spoke with Denise Dettingmeijer, CFO of the North American division of the multinational human resource consulting firm Randstad. As a regional finance chief at one of the world’s biggest HR consultancies, Dettingmeijer had unique insights on managing human capital, both generally and in the finance field, during an era of remote work, social and technological change, and growing awareness of the need for diversity, equity and inclusion.


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The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a revolution in working from home. As a senior finance leader in a global HR consulting firm, what have been the major financial impacts on companies that have resulted from this shift? What do they see as the “new normal of hybrid work”—the workplace and workforce of the future incorporating humans and technology—and how should CFOs best prepare?

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