Want to attract top temp workers and interns this summer? Discover our five tips for successful summer recruitment.

With the arrival of summer, your company might see an influx of applications from college students and others seeking seasonal work. That’s because today’s workers know that summer internships or temporary jobs aren’t just about earning extra cash but an opportunity to build new skills and explore career options. One study estimates that 60 percent of college freshmen and recent graduates have completed internships.

Employers, too, stand to gain from this enthusiastic talent pool. Here’s why:

fresh perspectives

Seasonal hires can bring new insights to everything from sales pitches to administrative processes, sparking innovative problem-solving.

reduced pressure

Permanent staff may end the summer needing another vacation if they exhaust themselves covering for colleagues on paid time off. 

future talent

The competitive hiring market demands early talent spotting. By hiring seasonal workers, you identify potential permanent employees before your competitors.

So how do you find and retain the best seasonal talent? Consider the following five recruitment strategies.

1. create a structured summer recruitment program

Efficient processes save time for both you and potential applicants and enhance your reputation as an employer. Begin by identifying the number of positions available and determining which teams will manage the summer hires. Consider if you want a rotating system for your candidates — starting them in accounts, then moving to marketing or sales, for instance — to give them a broad understanding of your business. Alternatively, placing them within specific teams can provide a more focused, in-depth experience.

Also, consider the location of your summer hires. Top temporary workers may seek the same convenience as permanent staff in the age of flexible work arrangements. Research, marketing, data analysis and administration positions are particularly well suited to flexible working. This can broaden your candidate pool by making roles accessible to individuals from different locations.

2. streamline the recruiting process

Students searching for seasonal jobs and summer internships can find the application process daunting, especially if it involves numerous rounds of assessments, both online and in-person. Simplifying this process can keep top candidates interested and boost your employer brand. Begin with a clear, detailed job description that outlines the role, eligibility criteria, expected salary and benefits. To streamline your hiring process further, consider using an applicant tracking system for initial screening and shortlisting. This way, you can focus on evaluating the most promising candidates.

3. explore non-traditional recruitment channels

Tell your existing staff about the open summer positions and encourage them to share this information. They might know someone perfect for the role, whether a family member, friend or neighbor. To widen your candidate pool, consider launching targeted recruitment campaigns on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. These channels attract younger candidates who might not hang out on traditional job-hunting sites.

4. invest in onboarding & training

comprehensive onboarding process can help first-time office workers quickly adapt and feel valued. Providing training, work shadowing or the opportunity to be responsible for small projects also allows them to develop workplace skills — which could pay off for you if they return to work for you again.

5. work with a staffing agency

The challenge of sourcing and assessing suitable summer hires can be easily managed by partnering with a staffing agency like Randstad. With a team of experts ready to meet your needs, we can simplify your summer hiring process. Search our talent database or get in touch today to learn how to jumpstart your summer hiring.