As open enrollment season approaches, organizations like yours are ramping up their call centers. And for good reason. According to Forbes, Medicare alone does 40 percent of its annual business during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). 

As you prepare, you may be tempted to rely on automation to help with the volume. After all, patient portals and AI chatbots can potentially alleviate the flood of inquiries that accompany peak season. Yet even with the successful adoption of new technology in many industries, humans remain at the center of healthcare customer service.

49 percent graph
49 percent graph

“There are so many questions during peak season,” explains Wendy Su, Senior Vice President of Randstad’s CEX division. “A chatbot can help walk people through benefit options, but the more complicated issues need human interaction.”

Top CEX candidates bring a special skill set to open enrollment as well as to transitional periods such as member benefits changes or the introduction of a new provider that AI can’t yet match. They help your employees navigate their choices and avoid confusion and frustration, both in peak enrollment season and year-round. Here’s how:

they offer empathy

Discussing one’s healthcare options can be a sensitive and, at times, emotional experience. That means each interaction with a customer service representative requires the appropriate response. 

“There is an incredible range of needs within your organization,” Wendy says. “You have young couples just starting out, maybe starting a family. And then you have older employees heading toward retirement, some dealing with chronic conditions.” 

The right CEX candidate offers empathy regardless of who they’re working with. They are adept at managing each inquiry to match employee expectations and ensure each person feels heard in the process. From there, they can suggest solutions to meet their unique needs. 

they are adaptable

When it comes to choosing healthcare benefits, varied needs aren’t the only difference between generations. Communication preferences are important to note as well. Older generations, such as Baby Boomers and Gen Xers like face-to-face communications and phone calls, while younger generations such as Millennials and Gen Z prefer email, video or text messages. 

talking to a live person over the phone
talking to a live person over the phone

However, choosing the right plan can be frustrating and confusing. That’s why it’s no surprise that nearly half of insurance customers still prefer a phone call. This makes adaptability a top quality for standout healthcare CEX talent, particularly during benefits changes. 

“A candidate who can utilize technology like a chatbot to field simple questions can then spend time on more complicated inquiries,” Wendy shares. “This ensures each customer feels heard and valued, regardless of their needs.” 

they are knowledgeable 

Top CEX candidates need to know much more than how and when to navigate your systems and technology. During open enrollment or member benefits changes, you need trained talent that clearly understands the products you’re offering. 

“Candidates who are already vetted and licensed to work with health benefits will come in basically ready to go from day one,” Wendy says. “This will save you time and money during peak enrollment.”

It’s important to remember that beyond knowledge of the industry, representatives will also have access to personal information, including confidential employee medical, pharmaceutical and financial data. With HIPAA and PIA policies, it’s imperative that CEX candidates are adept at handling sensitive information. 

the right partner can source top CEX talent 

With open enrollment around the corner, now is the time to ensure you have the talent you need. “At Randstad Business Professionals, we offer a centralized national approach to talent sourcing and support both on and offshore,” Wendy explains. “This organized effort is crucial for our clients during busy seasons.”  

Here’s more specifically how we can help:

skilled talent on demand

Whether for a flexible, temporary role or something more permanent, we source licensed, experienced talent when you need them — even the very same day. 

peak season specialists

We offer scalable solutions to support the extra volume call centers receive leading up to, during and after open enrollment.

industry expertise

We understand the sensitive nature of the healthcare industry so our talent is both vetted and up to date on data handling and privacy restrictions. 

At Randstad Business Professionals, we hire top-notch healthcare CEX talent for open enrollment and beyond. To learn more about how we can help you succeed, connect with us today.