Digital therapeutics and health technology are reshaping the healthcare landscape. Discover how you can be at the forefront of this game-changing trend.

Technology is revolutionizing healthcare, and digital therapeutics is one of the innovations leading the charge. With the digital therapeutics market set to grow from $4.5 billion in 2022 to nearly $18 billion by 2027, this is a trend that life sciences companies can’t afford to ignore. Here, we’ll explore the transformative power of health technology through digital therapeutics and offer five essential talent strategies for success in this rapidly expanding field.

what is digital therapeutics?

Digital therapeutics sits at the intersection of technology and healthcare, using digital tools to manage various health conditions. These tools include everything from mobile apps to machine-learning algorithms.

The subfield of digital disease management focuses on using health technology to more effectively manage chronic or long-term diseases. Its impact is notable: research indicates a 45 percent reduction in the rate of major cardiovascular events within just three months. Similarly, it has been shown to cut 30-day readmission rates for heart attack patients by a remarkable 50 percent.

Type 2 diabetes patients also benefit, with digital methods reducing hemoglobin A1c levels by a full point. These outcomes underscore the potential of digital therapeutics and digital disease management, not just as life-saving technologies but also as ways to improve health while trimming healthcare costs.

unlocking success: 5 talent strategies in digital therapeutics

In the high-tech field of digital therapeutics, human talent drives success. Here are five tips to ensure you’re assembling the right team.

blend healthcare and tech expertise

You'll need a balanced team to build effective digital therapeutic solutions. So, look for healthcare pros who are tech-savvy and tech experts who understand healthcare needs. Then, foster a collaborative environment where diverse skill sets can come together to develop patient-centered tools.

ignite a culture of innovation

To lead in health technology and digital therapeutics, promote an organizational culture that values learning, creativity and constructive failure. An atmosphere where employees are encouraged to experiment and learn from their experiences is invaluable.

prioritize data-driven approaches

Investing in talent specializing in data science within a life sciences context will enable more effective digital disease management strategies. This could mean hiring experts who can interpret clinical trial data through a digital lens or using machine learning to personalize treatment plans.

embrace workforce flexibility

Attract a wider range of talent by offering different work styles, such as remote or flexible work options. This approach not only broadens your talent pool but also brings in various perspectives that can contribute to innovation.

invest in continuous learning

As health technology evolves, so should your team. Consider specialized workshops, webinars or courses focused on emerging life sciences technologies, such as machine learning algorithms in healthcare or bioinformatics.

If this sounds like heavy lifting, remember that you're not alone. Partnering with Randstad can lighten the load. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll take the time to understand your specific needs and recommend staffing and solution-based services that fit seamlessly into your digital therapeutics vision.