In the course of our almost six decades of experience in the recruiting space, we've had ample time to experiment, iterate and refine our approach to staffing and recruiting — that’s how we’ve arrived at best-in-class.

So like most staffing firms, we’re using the latest technologies, like our robust applicant tracking system (ATS). But unlike most staffing firms, we’re using these technologies in novel ways — typically in combination with or alongside other portals, platforms and point-source solutions — in ways that maximize their value. It’s helped us build an unmatched network of talent from coast to coast, including both active and passive candidates. 

But technology is only a small part of the story. What really differentiates Randstad is the human touch. Our recruiters take the time to get to know you and your business —  where you stand today and where you’re looking to go tomorrow. That’s how we ensure that candidates are the right fit for your company.

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