Revitalize your accounting talent pipeline with more than just competitive pay. Learn how culture, tech and well-being are key to attracting the next generation of accountants.

The accounting talent shortage isn't speculation — it's backed by data. The AICPA reports an eight percent decline in accounting graduates in 2021/22, coupled with 75 percent of CPAs reaching retirement age. The upshot? Record-low unemployment in the industry, making it harder than ever for firms to secure the professionals they need.

Business-as-usual recruitment won’t be enough to strengthen your accounting talent pipeline. Here’s what you can do to….

forge strategic partnerships to expand your talent pool

Targeted outreach is key to finding the best accounting talent, especially in a tight labor market. Think beyond traditional job boards and tap into diverse communities of skilled professionals.

hit the campus circuit

Attend career fairs at universities with solid accounting programs. Early engagement with promising students builds your employer brand.

champion inclusivity

Partner with organizations supporting underrepresented groups within accounting. Demonstrate your commitment to DEI while accessing a broader range of talent.

work with the experts

Talent solutions firms like Randstad possess deep industry knowledge and extensive networks. They can quickly connect you with pre-vetted candidates with the technical and soft skills your company needs.

update the narrative on accounting

The accounting industry needs a makeover – and your company can lead the way. Highlight the dynamic, multifaceted nature of modern accounting. Emphasize diverse career paths, the reliance on cutting-edge tech and opportunities for continuous learning.

rethink job descriptions

Does your language reflect the true dynamics of the role? Avoid dry listings of duties; instead, showcase the impact accountants have on the company and its clients.

partner with universities

Sponsor student accounting societies or offer internships. Early exposure to the modern workplace breaks down stereotypes.

promote your company culture

While competitive pay for entry-level talent is vital, it's not the sole factor driving early-career decisions. Today’s accounting talent seeks companies with values that match their own. Does your organization prioritize sustainability? Champion diversity initiatives? Whatever your defining culture is, communicate it clearly.

tell your story

Don't just list values on your website. Share real examples of employees embodying those values in action.

walk the talk

Do your benefits and internal policies reflect the culture you advertise? Inconsistency will backfire with discerning candidates.

use tech as a talent magnet

Adopting the latest software isn't just about efficiency — it sends a message that your company values innovation. Streamline routine tasks with automation and empower accountants to focus on high-level analysis that adds strategic value to your business.

highlight your tech stack

Job listings should clearly detail the software and technologies used. Buzzwords like AI or blockchain will catch the attention of forward-thinking candidates.

offer upskilling

Invest in employee training on new technologies. This demonstrates your commitment to professional development and makes your workplace more attractive to ambitious professionals.

forge useful partnerships

Connect with tech providers in the accounting sector. They can offer demos and insights into the latest tools shaping the industry.

prioritize well-being

Today's workforce prioritizes work-life balance and overall well-being. A competitive benefits package signals that you value your employees beyond their job titles. Think beyond the standard health insurance and PTO. What truly sets your company apart in supporting employee well-being?

take the pulse of your workplace

Don't assume you know what employees need. A simple survey can reveal what well-being initiatives would make the biggest impact.

embrace flexibility to stand out

In a market trending back toward in-office work, your commitment to remote options, flexible hours or compressed work weeks is a major draw for top talent. Offering this level of control over their work-life balance sets you apart from the competition.

invest in career development

Mentorship programs and support for professional development enhance well-being by fostering a sense of purpose and growth.

tap into your team’s network

Some of your best recruiters may already be on your payroll! An employee referral program rewards them for recommending skilled individuals from their network. This reduces recruitment costs and often leads to better hires since current employees can vouch for a candidate's work ethic and cultural fit.

offer clear incentives

Make bonus amounts and criteria transparent to encourage participation.

make it simple

Don't let red tape discourage referrals. Keep the submission process easy.

celebrate success

Acknowledging successful referrals builds a culture where everyone feels valued as a contributor to the firm.

Strengthen your accounting talent pipeline with the right partner. From top accounting graduates to skilled contract professionals, Randstad has the talent solutions you need to succeed. Get in touch with us today.