As cliche as New Year’s resolutions can be, they offer a chance to do some big-picture, long-term thinking. For manufacturing and logistics managers, that could mean digging into key problem areas in your supply chain or analyzing how production logistics can be improved. But there are also resolutions that go beyond the warehouse, like workplace culture and brand awareness. Here are five manufacturing and logistics resolutions that could lay the groundwork for a successful year.

1. find the right automation fit

Automation isn’t just for market giants — small and medium-sized warehouses can benefit from it too. With the immense amount of new technology available, however, finding the right fit can be tricky. Make step one of your resolution optimizing your inventory management, so you can determine the kind of automation that will reduce your lead times and lead time variability. Then, figure out what level of warehouse automation would work for you. This research could take some time, but the payoff in terms of delivery and production efficiency is worth it.

2. develop a sustainability plan

Commit to improved sustainability and environmental stewardship by developing a plan customized to your company.

This could include:

  • investing in electric forklifts 
  • adding solar panels to your building
  • installing energy-efficient lighting 
  • adopting more environmentally friendly packing and packaging materials

In addition to doing your part to slow climate change, your company brand will benefit from being associated with environmental awareness.

3. upskill your workforce

Investing in upskilling your employees is a worthy resolution that will pay off for years to come. as manufacturing and logistics fields demand more advanced skills in automation and technology. The new year is a perfect time to identify skill gaps in your company and create training programs to bridge them. In addition, upskilling comes with many knock-on benefits, including safety improvements and reduced staff turnover.

4. make your workplace safer

If safety isn’t at the heart of your organizational culture, now’s the time to put it there. When employees understand the importance of safety, they are more likely to follow protocols and take necessary precautions. A strong company culture also encourages workers to speak up when they see a potential safety hazard, enabling you to address risks before an accident occurs.

Practical steps that can help you improve your safety culture include:

  • creating a process for employees to report safety concerns, such as a safety hotline or an anonymous submission system
  • evaluating current safety orientation procedures and instituting recurring training programs and refresher courses
  • creating an employee-run safety committee that evaluates safety incidents and breaches and looks at what could be improved

5. build a new workforce strategy by partnering with talent specialists

Your warehousing and distribution technologies are only as effective as the people who run them, so why not make hiring top talent one of your New Year’s resolutions? At Randstad USA, we combine sourcing and hiring best practices with emerging technologies to create new workforce strategies. We also offer a wide range of pre-employment screening options, including skills tests and background checks tailored to your needs. Get in touch today to find out how we can support you in the year ahead.