As a business leader, you're keenly aware of the vital role that talent plays in helping your business grow, but finding, interviewing and hiring the right candidates can strain your resources, causing you to lose precious time and money. Fortunately, you don't have to go it alone. Here are just a few ways working with Randstad can help your company grow. 

reduce your costs

When it comes to growing your business, the bottom line takes precedence. Randstad can help you save on talent-related costs in a number of ways, freeing up funds that could be better allocated elsewhere to help your business grow. By leveraging us to get the right candidates from day one, you reduce the risk of incurring costs from making bad hires, high churn rates and decreased employee engagement. 

"Our rep listens to what my organization needs and finds people that fit. They understand our company and department culture and screen for that. They allow a dialogue to take place about candidates, instead of just trying to sell me on someone. I feel that they have a good understanding of the key attributes of the candidates that she refers."

-Bre M., Healthcare company

lower your HR overhead

When you hire talent through us, you can save on costly HR functions by letting us take care of items like benefits administration, employment process outsourcing, hiring, recruitment and payroll. This can free your HR staff to focus on more high level initiatives like talent planning and retention. 

reduce your bad hires

Our staffing experts know talent, and they're trained to assess attributes like personality and working style in addition to experience and skill to uncover candidates that best fit your workplace. This can drastically reduce the chances of a new hire not working out. With the potential cost of a bad hire estimated at 21 percent of an employee's first-year salary, that means more savings for you. 

  • The cost of a bad hire can be 21% of an employee's first-year salary.

lower your turnover

Turnover can dampen employee morale, hinder engagement and eventually jeopardize profitability. Highly engaged teams were found, after all, to be 21 percent more profitable than those with lower levels of engagement. By getting the right hires from day one, you can reduce churn and improve engagement, creating an optimal environment for business growth.

  • Highly engaged teams are 21% more profitable than teams with lower levels of engagement.

flexibility to fit your needs

As your business grows, so will your staffing needs. If you've brought us along, you will have the resources to help you scale up when the time comes. Or, if your business is subject to a busy season or experiences periods of increased demand, we can adjust on the spot to deliver the temporary talent you need to keep operations up and running.

"Our go-to person is always available to discuss issues or to help provide future services with great follow-up."

-Travis A., software company

save time on talent 

Growing a business is a major undertaking, and you need all the extra time you can get to make it a success. Unfortunately, the hiring process can be time consuming. Recent Randstad research revealed that it takes businesses two to three months to fill a direct-hire position.1 Every day a position remains vacant is a day taken away from focusing on moving your business forward. 

When you work with Randstad, you'll gain access to our extensive network of qualified, pre-vetted professionals who are ready for their next great opportunity. Our experts know how to source and screen the right talent quickly — without sacrificing quality — so you can get better hires faster than if you chose to go it alone. 

  • Average time to fill at most organizations is north of 30 days — and that's much too long.


Between reduced staffing costs, time saved on hiring and the added assurance of all-season talent coverage, working with Randstad can help you get the funds and freedom you need to take your business to the next level.  


1. Randstad US, "randstad professionals: client survey executive summary." 2019.