There are a lot of staffing agencies out there, all working to find the right person for the right job for the right company. Though we may all want similar things, our approaches to achieving them may differ.

Randstad’s consultative, hands-on process is designed to find the best-fit talent for your business by weighing candidate intangibles just as heavily as hard skills and qualifications. It uses technology and human insight to uncover the perfect match, and it delivers talent that works for your workplace — the talent you need to move your business forward. We call it "human forward." Here's how it works.

defining who we are

Some staffing agencies rely on technology to source and vet candidates. Others take a more old-school approach, leaning on intuition to make their selections. But us? We use a little bit of both.

At Randstad, we're not robots — but we're not cavemen either. We embrace digital disruption, and we use it to empower our recruiters, rather than replace them. It's this special blend of high-tech and high-touch that serves as the foundation of our brand promise, a commitment we call "human forward."

how being "human forward" helps you

With highly skilled candidates remaining a necessity for your business, and hiring cycles lengthening, you can’t afford to have bad hires on your hands. Top talent may only be on the market for days, yet average time to fill is nearly three months.* And, the more time you spend looking for and replacing talent, the less time you're focusing on your business.

When we work together, we do the heavy lifting on your staffing needs so you can focus on more pressing business needs. But we won't be sending you just any old candidates. Instead of just cross-checking resumes against job requirements, we'll find someone who's truly compatible with your workplace culture.

Our hybrid approach, which combines the latest technologies with real human insight, is designed to deliver the best-fit talent in a fraction of the time it would take you to find it yourself.

We use technology to speed up the hiring cycle so you can:

  • Save time and money by accelerating time-to-hire, reducing cost-per-hire and improving hire quality with our powerful applicant tracking system (ATS).
  • Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions with AI chatbots.
  • Evaluate more vetted candidates sooner with video interviews that allow us to meet anyone, any time, anywhere.
  • Get added peace of mind by using automated software platforms to streamline reference checking, background screening and onboarding.

Using technology to streamline the hiring process gives our recruiters more time to focus on learning about your business needs, workplace culture and managerial style. They evaluate intangibles like culture fit and working style to find candidates who have the skills to do the job and the personality to drive your business forward.


"Human forward" is an approach that helps accelerate your hiring cycles, secure highly sought-after talent and reduce turnover. By using the best technologies and sharp human insight to find candidates that fit the role — as well as your workplace — you'll get better matches to achieve the workforce stability you need to grow your business.


* Randstad USA, "randstad professionals: client survey executive summary." 2019.