We love forming productive, lasting partnerships with our clients, and we want every engagement to be a success for them. However, choosing the right staffing agency can be difficult. Each firm will have their own set of services and specialties to choose from, so we want to make sure you've weighed all the options before jumping in. Here, we laid out a list of all the pros and cons of partnering with us to help you decide if working together on your next hiring need is the right choice for your business.  


valuable time saved

When it comes to hiring top talent, for many businesses, the math just doesn't add up. Highly prized candidates are on the market for as little as 10 days, yet average time to fill is north of 30. No matter which way you slice it, that's no formula for success.

Working with Randstad means having access to our nationwide talent network, filled with skilled professionals ready for their next opportunity. You'll work with a dedicated recruiter devoted to sourcing and screening candidates on your behalf. This can dramatically accelerate your time to hire and put you into the competitive range for the market's most sought-after candidates.

reduced hiring costs

The hiring process can get expensive if you're doing it on your own. Between advertising, drug screening and background checks — not to mention whatever profitability you're losing by not being able to dedicate yourself fully to your normal duties — the costs can really add up. Plus, if you get it wrong and a new hire doesn't work out, the costs can be equally as crippling.

At Randstad, we leverage a high-tech, high-touch approach to find the right-fit talent for your business so you don't have to worry about the ramifications of making a costly bad hire. We assess personality traits and working styles as well as skills and past experience to uncover the right fit for your business. That means whoever you ultimately hire will be proven, pre-vetted and primed to thrive in your workplace.

in-depth insight

Our specialized staffing experts do more than just fill roles. They specialize in the industry you're in, as well as your local market, which means they can provide you with up-to-date analysis of the latest hiring trends in your area and help you tailor your own talent strategies around them.

There's a lot to account for, even after a hire's been finalized. The tight talent market isn't just impacting the quality of talent that businesses can attract, it's affecting the quality of talent they can retain, too. As competing organizations increase incentives to try and lure talent away, keeping benefits and salary in line with your local market is key to holding on to your top performers. Our experts can give you the latest salary data to help set your levels and advise in areas like employee engagement, retention and turnover reduction.


less control

Our recruiters have the time, training and connections required to find better hires than if you choose to go it alone. That said, when you work with Randstad, you will have to cede a certain level of control over your hiring process. 

Part of the benefit of working with Randstad is having qualified recruiters work around the clock to find talent on your behalf, freeing you to focus on your other business priorities. For those who wish to be involved in the early rounds of resume sourcing and candidate screening, however, conducting a candidate search on their own may be the right choice for them. 

more ramp-up time

The success of your business can hinge on how fast you can fill critical roles with the right candidates. And, as we discussed, working with Randstad can ultimately help reduce your time to fill to keep you competitive for top talent. That said, you won't be able to jump right into hiring on day one. 

Part of what makes our talent search process so effective is just how much we tailor it to your business. Our recruiters will spend some initial time learning about your hiring needs, as well as your company culture to make sure that when we do find you candidates, they'll be the right fit for both the role and your work environment. 


Weighing the pros and cons of working with Randstad comes down to how you value your time and money. Are you looking to save on initial costs and ramp-up time, or are you more interested in securing the sustainable, long-term value that working with a staffing partner can provide?

The choice is yours — but in the meantime, we're always here to help.

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