Did you know that we're ramping up our recruiting efforts in order to staff more than 25,000 seasonal jobs this year? It's true. And if you need even more incentives to consider temp work, note that holiday retail sales are forecast to jump north of $720 billion this year — significantly higher than last year's total of $717 billion.

Thinking of using a temp position to add a little extra cash to your wallet this holiday season? Here's everything you need to know to be prepared, including the benefits of temp work assignments, questions you should ask before taking on temp work and some of the hottest temp gigs for manufacturing and logistics workers now.

why temp holiday gigs are win-win

There are a lot of obvious benefits to taking on temp work this holiday season — and those benefits go way beyond scoring extra cash to spend on gifts. Temp jobs are a smart and easy way to break into any field or industry, since temp work typically doesn't require extensive experience. That means you can get the holiday money you need, while also potentially gaining valuable new skills and experiences.

And if you work hard and display the right behaviors, supervisors are likely to take notice. So focus on making a positive impression every day — you never know what other opportunities are waiting around the corner.

things to know before you start

There are a few questions you should ask in order to understand a potential role before you get started.

First, ask about the schedule and how many hours you'll need to be available each week. If you're planning to work a full-time job alongside your temp job, be sure you don't overdo it. Insufficient rest comes with a high risk of injury or burnout.

You should also inquire about the type of training you'll receive for your new gig. While the training protocols for seasonal employment vary from company to company, you should certainly expect some sort of training — and if you don't get it, talk to your manager or Randstad representative. It's important that you feel confident on the job and know what you're doing so you don't put yourself or your coworkers in danger.

hot temp jobs to explore this cold season

Here are some of the most in-demand roles to check out this holiday season. Keep in mind that seasonal hiring at many companies will start soon, so you need to act quickly if you want to take advantage of these opportunities.


Essential to the efficient functioning of any distribution center or warehouse, pickers/packers are on the frontlines of the operation, with duties that typically include receiving, storing, picking, packing, verifying, shipping, manifesting — and more. With the rise of e-commerce and the usual surge in orders around the holiday season, expect this role to be highly in demand.


Assemblers help bring it all together, piecing together the final components to create finished products in manufacturing environments. They're critically linked to the quality function in manufacturing and should have a clear idea of the quality standards regulating any product they assemble. Finally, assemblers are also sometimes required to interpret and execute on instructions, production orders, bills of materials, drawings and more.

general warehouse

General warehouse workers must be versatile, agile, organized — and ready to lend a hand in a variety of different situations. As distribution centers scramble to keep pace with the volume of orders this holiday season, look for general warehouse workers to help process incoming stock and materials, pick and fill orders from stock, pack and ship orders or manage and retrieve stock in the warehouse.

get started today

We're powering the success of our clients in manufacturing and logistics — and it all starts with you. No matter your industry or area of expertise, Randstad has flexible temp jobs available that fit your schedule and can help put some extra holiday spending money in your pocket. Ready to get started? Visit our branch locator, to find the Randstad US office near you.

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