a day as a staffing manager

what will the day bring?

A day in the life of a staffing manager at Randstad is a dynamic thing. Though we don’t always know where the day will take us, we know it will be comprised of sales, service and recruiting. Each day brings something new, from opportunities to problem solving how we will work through obstacles to the rich rewards that follow hard work.

the win

The win comes in many different forms: telling someone who has been unemployed and overlooked in today’s market that he or she has secured a job, gaining an appointment with a prospect we thought would never agree to meet with us or winning a client we have been calling on for months.

acting as a bridge

In this role, we get to know these customers. We are detectives, probing beyond the surface information we are given to find out what is truly important to both parties. We look for nuance, and these intangibles, in addition to the hard skills and experience, are how we make the truer fit between our talent and clients. We actively recruit and screen the best candidates in our market to keep our pipeline full. This ensures we are prepared when it is time to fill an order.

creating connections

On the client side, we work to grow our market share with active and new clients and to provide exceptional service. We develop relationships with our clients, and earn their trust and gain their business through honest and consistent communication. If we have not yet gained their business, we have the opportunity to be creative, assisted by the wonderful tools provided to us by our marketing team.

staffing manager responsibilities

  • Business development for active, inactive and prospect clients 
  • Maintain client satisfaction 
  • Retain active accounts 
  • Conduct sales activities to drive branch/unit growth 
  • Acting as local experts in the industry; consulting with local businesses on market trends, salary recommendations and talent availability 
  • Recruitment of top candidates based on focus job title to fill talent pipeline 
  • Skill marketing permanent placement candidates to prospects and clients 
  • Order management for a job, boss and company fit 
  • Networking activities 
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