1. civil engineer

Civil engineers design the many spaces we occupy and the infrastructure we travel on each day, planning and overseeing projects for everything from airports, bridges and buildings to power plants, railroads and highways. These professionals also analyze topographic and geologic data to calculate project costs and determine feasibility of blueprints and initial project goals. The job outlook for civil engineers is good, with employment projected to grow 7 percent between 2021 and 2031. Salaries range anywhere from $76k for entry-level positions to $129k for more senior roles.

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2. electrical engineer

Designers of electrical components, equipment and systems, electrical engineers are responsible for the many products that power our world. Unlike electricians, who install and maintain systems, electrical engineers leverage their in-depth knowledge to develop products for commercial, industrial and domestic purposes. They're also responsible for the development of projects from initial conception through final testing to ensure that end products deliver on goals and are up to specs. Projections indicate that 20,100 electrical engineer jobs will be added between 2021 and 2031. Entry-level salaries start around $75k.

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3. project manager/project engineer

Complex engineering projects have many moving parts, and companies are always looking for skilled project managers to keep them on track. Responsible for project planning, coordination and oversight, engineering project managers are involved in virtually all phases of the development life cycle. These managers must also be expert communicators who can work with team members to understand each individual's strengths and match them with the right project tasks. Engineering project manager salaries range from $73k to $133k.

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4. robotics engineer

Robotics engineers are at the center of one of today's most exciting fields. They design plans for the creation of robots, determining their main functions and task-completion protocols. Robotics engineers are also responsible for evaluating prototypes after initial design to ensure performance is up to par. Salaries lie between $102k and $168k.

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5. mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineering is a broad field, encompassing everything from auto research to heating and cooling systems. These professionals are responsible for the design and development of mechanical parts and machines — and they supervise every step of the process, including research and testing. Between 2021 and 2031, there will be around 17,900 new mechanical engineer jobs each year. Entry-level salaries begin around $72k, while senior-level salaries may be as high as $126k.

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