top life sciences blogs you should be reading

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  • June 15, 2017

Remember back in high school and college when you had a required summer reading list to prepare yourself for school to begin in the fall? As an adult, unless you’re in a graduate program, you probably don’t have a similar assignment to read over the summer. But that doesn’t mean you can’t educate yourself about your industry. Do yourself a favor and create your own reading list of life sciences blogs to improve your expertise in the industry. The question is, where to begin?
Google the phrase “life sciences blogs” and you’ll return a list of nearly 6.3 million selections. So, to save you some time, we’ve put together a much more digestible list. Here are the top life sciences blogs you should be reading.

General interest life sciences blogs.

The outlets in this first group provide broad coverage of relevant issues. Their audiences are more general and not limited to life sciences professionals. Most are free, although the Wall Street Journal’s “Health” requires you to pay a subscription fee:
  • TED Talks: TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short talks. These “TED Talks” cover an incredibly diverse range of topics, including biology, medicine, medical research and pharmaceuticals. They are all available to watch for free online and you can access them on almost any connected device, including your PC, smartphone or streaming devices like Apple TV and Roku.
  • Forbes Science Business: This blog features articles that focus on the business aspects of research breakthroughs, legislation and trends such as precision medicine.
  • MIT Research: News about ongoing research MIT is conducting on its own and in cooperation with leading research institutes around the world in areas including biology/bioengineering, chemistry/chemical engineering and medical sciences can be found on this blog site.
  • Wall Street Journal Health: This section of the Wall Street Journal’s site offers news and commentary on issues related to healthcare and research. You will need to pay a subscription fee to access this content.

Business management life sciences blogs.

These outlets focus on issues relevant primarily to pharmaceutical and biotechnology business managers and other senior level executives across all departments including marketing, finance, IT and legal:
  • BioPharm Insight: Financial and business information and targeted market research covering pharmaceuticals, biotech and healthcare news is featured on this service. You will have to set up a subscription to access this content, but you can request a trial.
  • This is the online edition of Pharmaceutical Executive magazine. It provides information about strategy and tactics across a wide range of areas including enterprise management, product development and management, global marketing, advertising and sales, legal and financial issues and regulatory affairs.
  • Life Science Leader: A popular resource for executives who work with organizations ranging from small, emerging biotech companies to Fortune 500 Big Pharma enterprises. Content informs readers of industry best practices, and how to implement those practices into their own organizations.
  • HealthcareITNews: This blog covers new technologies, IT strategies and tactics, statutory and regulatory issues, as well as provider and vendor updates.

R&D life sciences blogs.

If you are involved in research and development or the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, these outlets should prove interesting:
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: This website serves as an advocate for the different functions involved in drug manufacturing. Here you’ll find information on issues such as how to improve compliance and reduce risks while also improving efficiency and eliminating waste.
  • FiercePharma and FierceBiotech: Both of these blogs are published by FierceMarkets as online resources that provide free newsletters via email. FiercePharma covers topics related to FDA news, pharmaceutical marketing and sales, drug safety, contract manufacturing and generic drug makers. FierceBiotech covers biotechnology trends, breakthroughs and FDA approval news.
  • Applied Clinical Trials: Blog posts here target professionals who design, initiate, manage, conduct and monitors clinical trials.

Start reading.

After you create your reading list, you could follow the traditional method of bookmarking each site in your browser. But you may find it easier to download a news aggregator like Apple News, Flipboard or Google Play Newsstand to your smartphone or tablet. These apps automatically collect and present the latest articles from as many sources as you choose.
Happy reading!
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