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4/26/2017 Help wanted! Mobile app developers are in demand
4/13/2017 What it takes to become a data security strategist
3/21/2017 IT Career Roadmap: It takes a village to 'raise' a CIO
3/20/2017 AGENDA17: Computerworld names Alan Stukalsky a Premier 100 Technology Leader
3/16/2017 Report: Demand for mobile developers surges, up 104% since 2014
3/16/2017 Recruiting in 2017: How the IT Workforce and Workplace are Changing
3/15/2017 More than a third of tech workers are underpaid
3/15/2017 5 Skills IT Professionals Need to Land a Job
3/15/2017 Increased Demand for Mobile Developers Signals Corporate Shift in Online Engagement
3/15/2017 Local Demand for Mobile Developers Signals Corporate Shift in Online Engagement (Boston)
3/15/2017 Local demand for mobile developers signals corporate shift in online engagement (Atlanta)
3/7/2017 What the top 5 metro areas pay for hot IT jobs
3/7/2017 Cybersecurity engineer among the hottest IT jobs on the market
2/28/2017 Get to know the Premier 100 Class of 2017
2/28/2017 ONLINE - 2017 Premier 100 Leaders: IT in the driver’s seat
2/28/2017 2017 Premier 100 Tech Leader: Alan A. Stukalsky
2/24/2017 Three Little Words For Payday: Big, Data, DevOps
2/23/2017 Avoiding the Mistake of Overpricing, Underpricing Yourself in IT Job Search
2/22/2017 7 Steps to Rethink Jobs in the Age of Automation
2/8/2017 CIO Jury: One-third of tech leaders had trouble finding cybersecurity staff last year
2/8/2017 Mobility skills and experience becoming ever more important, argues Randstad
2/8/2017 Randstad Technologies to co-host virtual session on advancing women in STEM
2/7/2017 Cybersecurity Experience, Older Workers, More Contractors Among IT Workforce Trends For 2017
2/7/2017 Top Trends in IT Recruitment in 2017
2/7/2017 Randstad Technologies: Seven Top IT Workforce Trends in 2017
2/5/2017 5 Wi-Fi tips to ensure fans stay better connected for the big game
1/25/2017 5 Stadium Wi-Fi Best Practices For The Super Bowl
1/25/2017 How to land the CIO job: 10 tips

12/16/2016 Agile workers could represent 50% of workforce by 2019, says Randstad
10/28/2016 Tech Company Looks to Bolster Its Own Tech Team
10/19/2016 Randstad Technologies, CIO Executive Council host women IT leaders at Dallas networking night
10/6/2016 Randstad Technologies, CIO Executive Council host women IT leaders at Seattle networking night
10/4/2016 WBZ NewsRadio 1030_ CBS Boston_Cybersecurity
9/15/2016 Randstad Technologies, CIO Executive Council host women IT leaders at Atlanta networking night
9/28/2016 Cyber security - a corporate and global cyber safety demand
WVON- AM Good News Segment
9/26/2016 Austin among U.S. cities with high demand for cybersecurity workers
9/21/2016 Austin has high demand for cybersecurity market, report finds
9/19/2016 Attacks Increase Atlanta’s Demand For Cybersecurity Experts
9/15/2016 Atlanta Tech Edge: Allen Nance, ATL Fashion Tech Collective, Actively
9/15/2016 Washington, Phoenix among markets with the highest cybersecurity talent demand
9/14/2016 New report: 12 hot markets for cybersecurity jobs
9/14/2016 Cybersecurity talent in high demand in Dallas, survey finds
9/9/2016 "Technology Generation" Still Values In Person Interaction
9/6/2016 Millennials and gen Z want collaboration – but face to face communication too
8/5/2016 U.S. EMV migration plagued with issues
6/20/2016 Legacy Codebases Got You Down? Key Considerations for Modernizing Web Development
4/28/2016 The EMV transition--A 6 month check up
4/27/2016 How On-the-Job Training Can Bolster Gender Diversity in an IT Organization
4/21/2016 Chip card payment confusion, anger rages on
4/13/2016 The Business Case for Onshoring Technology Support Services
3/22/2016 There's No Place Like Home for Early-Stage Mobile App Development


12/24/2015 Off Metro Sourcing for IT Talent
12/6/2015 The Business Case for Augmented Reality
11/20/2015 What Mobile Moments and Augmented Reality Have in Common This Shopping Season
11/18/2015 Why Companies are Hiring from the Silicon Prairie
11/9/2015 Why the EMV Liability Shift Missed the Mark
10/20/2015 Wal-Mart Exec: EMV cards Will Wreak Havoc on Holiday Checkouts
10/8/2015 Why Have Most Merchants Missed the EMV Deadline?
9/30/2015 Many Retailers, Shoppers, Unprepared for EMV Deadline:Studies
9/28/2015 A Chip Without PIN is Asking for Fraud
8/7/2015 Retailers Move Toward More Secure Credit Card Readers
8/3/2015 66% of IT execs say Chip-and-Signature Provides Insufficient Security
7/22/2015 Many Businesses Not Ready for More Secure Credit Cards
6/16/2015 Infographic: Millennial Workforce is Pushing IT Managers to Invest in Mobile Tech
6/16/2015 How Enterprise Needs to invest in Mobile to get the Best out of its Millennial Workforce
6/13/2015 Windows Server 2003 Will Live On- Here's How and Why
4/20/2015 Infographic: Beyond BYOD-5 Mobility Trends Impacting Business
4/13/2015 5 Mobile Trends that are  Changing the Way Business is Done
4/3/2015 Rethinking the Help Desk
4/1/2015 The Impact of BYOD on the Service Desk
3/26/2015 Infographic: Mobility Places Demands on IT Help Desks but Also Provides Ways to Ease Burden
3/11/2015 Why Wireless Networks Fail
2/18/2015 10 Reasons for Your Poor Wi-Fi Connection
2/17/2015 Good Economy Equals Tech Pros Jumping Jobs
1/19/2015 Making the Move to EMV: Why Procrastination is the Wrong Strategy
Silicon Valley Powering New York City Job Market
1/14/2015 The EMV Migration Will be a Rough, Risky Ride: Randstad Exec


12/7/2014 Infographic-Get a WiFi Health Check
12/3/2014 Infographic Highlights 10 Factors that can "Break" Wi-Fi
11/24/2014 The State of Chip and PIN Migration in Retail
11/12/2014 Randstad Technologies to Host Webinar on Managing the Upcoming Chip and PIN Transition
11/12/2014 Randstad Technologies Executive to Speak on Talent Management at CIO Event
11/12/2014  Randstad Technologies Reaches Another Technology Deployment Milestone
11/11/2014 Holiday Shopping May Not be More Secure
10/22/2014 Should IT Begin Prepping for Windows 10?
10/8/2014  Major retailers turn to 20-year Technology Deployment Veteran to Prepare for October 2015 Chip and PIN deadline
9/14/2014 Why Apple pay Could Success Where Others have had Underwhelming Results
8/4/2014 Missing the EMV Liability Shift Bears a Huge Cost
7/16/2014 7 Ways to Avoid Self-Service IT Pitfalls
7/10/2014  The Yin and Yang of Self-Service Support
7/2/2014  How to Source and Interview Information Technology Managers
6/16/2014 70 Percent of U.S. Credit Cards to Include EMV Chips by 2015
5/21/2014  IT Workers Confident About Job Prospects
5/13/2014  IT workers are confident job seekers, says Harris Poll
4/17/2014  Silicon Valley Sees Skills Shortages in Java, .NET, PHP
4/11/2014  Incentives Lure More Tech Jobs to Austin
3/3/2014  5 Unusual Ways to Look for Your Tech Job
2/27/2014  5 Things Impacting Your IT Job Search Right Now
2/21/2014  Randstad Receives OutSystems Innovation Award for IT Productivity
2/20/2014  Find Out Why Big Data Jobs Are Hot!
1/22/2014  In New York, Optimism on Tech Hiring
1/21/2014  In Austin, Everyone (Except Dell) Seems to Be Hiring
1/20/2014  Met Life Leads Raleigh’s Tech Hiring Surge
1/20/2014  In Seattle, Demand for Tech Workers is Insatiable


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