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Randstad's 2017 Hot Jobs are now available. Our updated list includes the best jobs for candidates looking to grow their careers in engineering, finance and accounting, healthcare, human resources, information technology, life sciences, manufacturing and logistics, non-clinical healthcare, and office and administration.

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the top in-demand jobs of 2015

Ready to jump into a new career or looking to hire needed talent for 2015? We’ve compiled data for 27 of the hottest jobs in the United States to drive your decision. Using feedback from our industry experts, 2014 market trends, and data from both WANTED Analytics and CareerBuilder, we’re revealing the most in-demand jobs for 2015.


“There continues to be a high demand for skilled engineers, putting top talent in the driver’s seat. Furthermore, as conversations around STEM increase, we’ll start to see more national funding for undergraduate programs in these fields.” 
– Richard Zambacca, President, Randstad Engineering

finance & accounting

“As the labor market tightens, demands on corporate finance increase, and the regulatory environment continues to evolve, the need for top-notch accounting and finance professionals will grow at a very accelerated pace.”
– Rebecca Henderson, Group President of Professional Solutions, Randstad


“Following the implementation of the Affordable Care Act this past year, there is an increased focus on attracting the strongest physicians as the number of Americans insured increases.”
– Ryan Burg, Director of Physician Recruitment, Randstad Healthcare

human resources

“Due to a number of factors, one being an increasing demand for top talent, employees’ benefits and pay packages are becoming much more complex. There is a need now, more than ever, for savvy HR managers and professionals with HRIS, compensations and benefits expertise who can build upon their company’s programs to attract the right candidates, while still being mindful of the impact on the bottom line.”
– Rebecca Henderson, Group President of Professional Solutions, Randstad

manufacturing & logistics

“With the reshoring of factory jobs back to the U.S., employment opportunities are rising for the manufacturing industry. As a result, workers’ confidence in job security will most likely continue to increase in 2015 due to the growing demand for talent.”
- Traci Fiatte, President of General Staffing, Randstad

office & administration

“The role of office and administrative assistants continues to evolve, and we’re seeing that these candidates need to wear many hats. There is greater importance in the office and administration industry for previous experience in finance and accounting.”
– Phyllis Finley, Executive Vice President, Randstad


“Many eyes are on the pharmaceutical industry in 2015 for drug launches, and there is an uptick in pharma companies seeking candidates specializing in drug safety and regulatory affairs.” 
– Greg Coir, President, Randstad Pharma


“As mobile and web technologies evolve, the demand for recruiting and retaining top IT talent who are Java and app savvy is becoming an increased priority. Companies will begin to be more competitive with salaries and benefits packages to retain these tech gurus.” 
 Bob Dickey, Group President of Technology and Engineering, Randstad


Jobs in-demand for 2015 data was compiled using reports from WANTED Analytics and CareerBuilder in December of 2014. WANTED Analytics’ National Vertical Job Market Overview report was sourced to gather median salary and aggregate hiring data for each of the 27 featured job titles.

Data gathered from CareerBuilder includes CareerBuilder’s hiring indicator, aggregate candidate supply report and aggregate candidate demand report for each of the 27 featured job titles. Candidate supply data is a combination of information which candidates have shared with CareerBuilder.com or affiliated CareerBuilder websites. “Active candidate” data represents a de-duplicated data set of job seekers who registered as a user, posted or updated a resume, or applied to a job on CareerBuilder.com or an affiliated CareerBuilder.com website within 45 days of January 19, 2014.

The Hot Jobs 2015 findings are a combination of several components including field market research and an analysis of 2015 economic projections and market trends: Randstad fielded a survey to its recruiters in November 2014 to capture their perspective on the most in-demand jobs in their fields and what the common skillsets are for these positions. The results were then analyzed by top Randstad executives who provided commentary on their industries of expertise in conjunction with economic reports and data from WANTED Analytics and CareerBuilder.


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