How We Got Kids Interested in Science and Math Careers

  • jobs & the economy
  • September 08, 2014

Skills Gap Analysis: STEM’s (un)cool factor 

The shortage of students pursuing a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is a real problem. As a leader in the staffing industry, Randstad sees, first-hand, how successful employees in STEM careers can be—with low unemployment rates and competitive salaries. 

Engineering: High Starting Pay, Low Graduation Rates

Take engineering, for example. In 2014, students with a bachelor's degree in engineering have the highest average starting salary compared with students with degrees in other subjects. Yet, according to our recent Randstad Workplace Trends Survey 201477% of hiring managers in the engineering industry struggle to fill open positions at their organizations. If your business is trying to close the skills gap, Randstad offers staffing solutions in engineering and technology.

Changing Kids’ Perception of STEM Careers

In the video above, we show you that getting kids excited can be as easy as explaining what people in these professions actually do. By providing information and sharing your knowledge, you can inspire the next generation of the workforce to follow their passions while exploring fields that set them up for success.