An up-and-coming financial services firm was struggling to attract top talent. Despite being part of a larger multinational conglomerate with more than 4,500 employees in 30 countries, the agency lacked the level of name recognition of their better-known competitors. This made it harder to hire for mission-critical roles and limited their ability to scale.To make matters worse, their existing offshore talent partners struggled with issues around communication and quality, and they had failed to effectively sell the brand to potential hires.


With so much at stake and lacking internal IT recruiting capabilities, the company relied on their talent partner, Randstad Technologies. We’ve had a relationship with the client since 2015, and they trusted our ability to source key hires in a timely fashion. Our talent experts in both Chicago and New York City quickly set to work, helping the agency craft a compelling employer brand and aligning their salary offerings with the overall market. Randstad also implemented a customized talent delivery solution to help them scale, with many of the contractors supplied going on to become full-time hires.


Randstad was able to secure key technology hires for full-time roles in under a month. Additional roles we later placed include:

  • API/ ETL testers
  • business analysts
  • cloud engineers
  • cybersecurity engineers
  • developers
  • DevOps engineers
  • director of front end engineering
  • front end engineers
  • full stack developers
  • java developers
  • lead data engineers
  • lead UX designers
  • scrum masters
  • senior C++ developers
  • senior data engineers
  • senior UI developers
  • service desk engineers
  • visual designers

In fact, we’ve placed 40 full time hires and 35 consultant hires over the last several years. We attribute these successes to our vast pool of vetted tech talent, our decades of expertise in IT hiring and our experience crafting and marketing compelling employer brands for companies across industries.

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