The coronavirus outbreak continues to evolve and broadly disrupt how businesses operate, but it also distinctly reveals how interconnected we all are. Perhaps ironically, social distancing has made partnerships even be more important than ever before. 

As we all look to tackle the virus head on, here are three types of partners that should be top of mind — plus, tips for how to most effectively leverage them.

the power of your c-suite

During times of crisis, employees always look to leaders for advice, guidance and baseline reassurance about the company's mission and plans for the future. That's why it's vitally important for you to work closely with your C-suite partners — and develop relevant, timely messaging to share with employees.

As you do, just be sure to keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Align your leaders.
    Schedule weekly check-ins with leaders from the C-suite so you can understand individual needs and priorities — and tailor your messaging accordingly. This is a moment for unity, not division. 
  • Be consistent.
    These are deeply uncertain times, with new information emerging each day. As much as possible, your messaging to employees should be the opposite of — and an antidote to — all of that. 
  • Focus on storytelling.
    Anyone can consult the CDC or other trusted resources to get the latest data points on the spread of coronavirus. That shouldn't be your goal. Focus instead on the overarching story that you're trying to tell in all of your communications to employees. 
  • Prioritize your company's mission.
    As you evolve your storytelling, try to integrate messaging about your company’s mission, purpose and values into the communication you share with employees. Doing so will help everyone feel connected and aligned around shared goals.

Great leaders tend to shine in moments of crisis. Leveraging the collective power of your C-suite partners to craft high-value, resonant messaging will help you stay connected with teams around the world — and lay the blueprint for all of you to get through this crisis together.  

working in an office with masks
working in an office with masks

the power of your teams

The coronavirus outbreak inaugurated a global, unprecedented experiment in remote work — and at many companies so far, it has demonstrated the power of remotely distributed teams to collaborate and deliver business value, all while working from home.

Of course, this experiment is very much ongoing. And to be sure, a lot of companies are still figuring out the tools, structures and processes that best serve their newly distributed teams. Research shows that, prior to the coronavirus outbreak, 35 percent of workers didn't feel they had the right tech tools in place to effectively do their jobs remotely. Gaps like those have no doubt become more pronounced since the onset of the outbreak. 

On other hand, for leaders whose companies are continuing to operate with strict hierarchies and inflexible ways of working, there are opportunities right now to spearhead large-scale organizational change. For starters, it's probably time to test new workforce models and explore the potential benefits of having more cross-functional, agile working relationships. 

the power of your network 

If you're dealing with immediate, day-to-day operational challenges due to coronavirus, it may be easy to imagine that your challenges are uniquely your own.

In reality, of course, that's likely not the case. These may be unprecedented times, but there are common challenges we all face right now. And others in your extended network may have identified solutions that are directly applicable to your business today. So you shouldn't hesitate to reach out. Now is the time to connect. 

Finally, in such an unfamiliar and fast-moving global environment, don't overlook the power of your extended network, including staffing partners like Tatum, to solve near-term business pain points. 

key takeaways

The coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, and our hearts and minds go out to those who have been the most directly affected by the virus. At the same time, crises can also serve to remind us of how fundamentally interconnected we all are.

As you face the crisis head on, we hope that you're leveraging the full power of partners — within the C-suite, your teams and networks, as well as companies like Tatum that can help solve your unique business challenges during these trying times.

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