Now that pandemic-related restrictions are largely behind us, this summer is shaping up to be one of the busiest travel seasons in years. According to Expedia, flight searches for summer travel are up 25 percent overall compared to last year. found that 73% of people are more optimistic about travel now than they were in 2022. found that 73% of people are more optimistic about travel now than they were in 2022.

However, certain factors such as high fuel costs, staffing shortages, and continued adjustments to increased demand mean this year’s peak season will present challenges for the hospitality industry. With tourists paying more for a much-needed break and logistical hiccups inevitable, the customer experience is top of mind. This will make standout customer service candidates invaluable.

Wendy Su, Senior Vice President of Randstad’s CeX division, sees this firsthand: “Currently, hospitality is one of the leading industries hiring for customer service representatives,” she shares. “Our prediction is that this will only continue to increase through the travel season.”

With demand for top CeX talent on the rise, here’s what the best candidates can do for your organization:

they offer an elevated approach

The travel industry distinctively provides an experience. Customers paying top dollar expect white glove service and competition for their loyalty is high. This season, increased prices and anticipated delays make a seamless experience even more critical to maintaining your brand.

“A top-notch customer service representative will go above and beyond at every step,” Wendy explains. “They have the ability to anticipate client needs and think on their feet to help solve problems quickly.”

This elevated approach translates to circumstances out of your control, such as flight cancellations and bad weather. Even in the midst of a frustrating situation, if the customer feels valued and heard they will be more likely to establish a long-term relationship with your business.

they share your goals

For the hospitality industry, the ultimate measure of success is customer satisfaction. But when the client is paying a significant amount for lasting memories, emotions can run high. This means your main focus is to provide a positive experience for every step of their journey, no matter what may come. 

74% care more about creating a travel experience that meets their expectations than about the cost.
74% care more about creating a travel experience that meets their expectations than about the cost.

“Organizations that recruit CeX talent with the shared goal of a happy customer will stay ahead,” Wendy says. “In other words, be sure candidates are equipped to put the end user first.”

What does this look like when hiring? To source like-minded candidates, interview with the customer’s needs in mind instead of focusing solely on those of your internal operation. In addition, look for people who can empathize with client concerns while remaining adept at solving any problems.

they are AI compatible

After COVID-19 kept many travelers close to home, trips abroad are on the rise. However, as people venture to more remote destinations, a seamless customer experience may be harder to come by.

Forbes is calling this the summer of the far-cation, with half of U.S. travelers making plans to travel abroad by August.

Factors such as time zone changes and language barriers make AI technology helpful, and a candidate with experience using both common and emerging platforms is another key factor in sourcing top talent.

But while AI technology can provide immediate assistance around the clock, a truly elevated experience still requires human touch, particularly since customers span generations. For example, a younger traveler may prefer a contactless hotel check-in while a retired client paying a premium for comfort will appreciate a dedicated human contact. With a range of potential scenarios, a CeX candidate with both technology and people skills is invaluable for peak travel season.

“Ultimately, representatives who take an omnichannel approach to customer inquiries maintain that above and beyond reputation you’ve built for your client,” Wendy explains. “This includes utilizing a mix of media and platforms to offer the best response method to a given problem with the same top-notch experience your customer has come to expect.”

the right partner can source top CeX talent

With a record travel season upon us, there are bound to be bumps in the road. To maintain focus and both build and maintain brand loyalty, you need the right CeX candidates. Here’s how Randstad Business Professionals can help:

scale as needed

Whether hiring for peak season and special projects or for permanent positions to facilitate your long-term CeX strategy, we provide on-demand talent for all your needs. 

loyal talent pipeline

Don’t want to lose your top seasonal talent? We’re adept at placing quality candidates in parallel roles that offer growth and learning until you need them again. 

saves you time

In an industry with historically high turnover rates, we can alleviate the extra work it takes to find quality representatives so your core team can work to provide the seamless experience your customers expect.

At Randstad Business Professionals, we hire top-notch CEX talent with your end user in mind. To learn more about how we can help you navigate the travel season, connect with us today.