With many staffing agencies, you get multiple points of contact — each of them working for multiple customers. But at Randstad Inhouse Services, your dedicated onsite manager focuses only on you and your business.

Plus, we don't only focus on talent acquisition — we take a more hands-on, value-added approach, something you can see in the fact that a full 50 percent of our onsite managers' time is dedicated to managing your workforce. Our onsite managers are extremely well-vetted, too — in fact, each of them undergoes months of intense onboarding to ensure they’re not only a good cultural fit for your organization, but current on the latest and most relevant compliance concerns, as well. None of our competitors can say that. And when it comes to fulfillment and compliance — two of our focus areas — we offer solutions that our competitors simply can't match.

Beyond a dedicated onsite manager, you’ll also gain access to seasoned workforce consultants, including OSHA-certified solutions experts who can develop customized optimization strategies and tailored performance management programs. By getting into “the weeds” of your business, we can help you think holistically about operational objectives and challenges, and then work with you collaboratively to roll out robust, enduring solutions. And we're always optimizing delivery timelines to ensure clients hit their KPIs.

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