In the business administration and operations sector, the second quarter is a good time for strategy implementation. However, adhering to project scope and completion is easier said than done. Roadblocks can stretch your core teams and impact general productivity and efficiency. In order to handle specialized projects, you need the right talent.

Yet today’s economic uncertainty coupled with talent scarcity presents a challenge. “Market conditions often impact project staffing,” explains Jill Eubank, Senior Vice President, Business Professionals. “This can stretch your current workforce too thin, lead to mistakes and derail your best laid plans for Q2 implementation.”

Eubank recommends a flexible staffing scale when needed. She shares two ways to upscale your workforce:

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You can add in skilled talent to avoid interrupting your best people working on more permanent projects. Or pull in your key talent and fill in operational roles to handle the day to day without adding to your permanent workforce.

jill eubank
senior vice president, business professionals

To upscale effectively, start by assessing where you might need help:

software implementation

Introducing new technology doesn’t have to drain your workforce. The right transition team will include people fully trained on new programs in order to create an efficient and smooth transition and provide support to your employees at the same time.

business modeling

Implementing business modeling changes can be difficult when your teams are also trying to do their day jobs. “Interrupting your current staff will cause disruptions to both regular operations and your special projects,” Eubank says. “But if you place skilled liaisons between stake holders it can help reduce stress.”

operational changes

Unexpected market events may force you to modify your workforce. This presents an alternative way to respond. “Add as-needed operational support for implementation,” Eubank suggests. “This will help with the ebb and flow of special projects without the need for more permanent staffing solutions.”

mergers and acquisitions

The complexities of mergers and acquisitions have the potential to quickly impact productivity. Specialized professionals can clarify negotiations and protect your interests so you stay on track to meet timelines and goals.

the right partner can help

The benefits of a skilled project workforce for Q2 implementation can help you save time, adapt to unexpected shifts, mitigate financial impacts and keep your core workforce in a steady state while new structures and systems are integrated. But knowing how and when to upscale your workforce - particularly in today’s market - can be overwhelming.

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Randstad Business Professionals provides a consultative approach to help you navigate the skill set and talent you need to manage special projects and ensure employee productivity.

jill eubank
senior vice president, business professionals

Here’s how:

expert talent to manage transition

Economic uncertainties and technological advances require talent with specialized skill sets. We source expert candidates who recognize the rapidly changing business environment and can help pivot appropriately to maintain momentum and ensure project completion.

strategic partnership

A strategic partnership with Randstad can help supplement for shortfalls, adapt to the unexpected and create a pipeline to grow your business via efficient implementation and support when and where you need it – both now and for future projects.

unprecedented scale

To keep your workforce motivated during implementation or transition you need to leverage top-to-bottom talent access. Our extensive networks and resources can scale to your needs and augment your existing teams quickly to keep them nimble and efficient, maintain morale and reskill your teams for success.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to building a successful workforce for Q2 implementation. Randstad Business Professionals can help.