We know the recruiter/hiring manager you work with during the job search process will leave a lasting impact. According to a recent survey by Randstad, beyond the overall job offer, the top two aspects of respondent's last job search that contributed to a positive impression of the potential employer centered on personal interaction. Specifically: 

  • the recruiter/hiring manager I worked with
  • the degree of personal, human interaction during the process

However, the benefits that technology brings to the recruitment process should not be ignored. According to Randstad’s findings, 95 percent of workers agree technology should be used to aid the recruitment experience, not replace it. Undoubtedly, technology has enabled convenience for both candidates and recruiters alike through innovations such as online job search and applications, video interviews, pre-screenings and workforce analytics. Randstad sheds light on four benefits of working with a recruiter in a technology-driven world:

1. access to “hidden” jobs

According to Randstad’s Workplace 2025 study, more than eight in 10 employers are expected to rely on staffing agencies to meet their talent needs by 2025. Employers realize the importance of leaving job openings in the hands of recruiters who will connect them with the right applicants on a more personal level. In fact, recruiters are often tasked by companies to hire for positions not advertised to the masses. A recruiter is your best liaison to introduce you to options that you didn’t even know existed.

2. customizing your resume

Feeling stuck on perfecting your resume? Do you struggle to get feedback from potential employers? Recruiters are resume specialists and can show you how to write a resume by suggesting the right keywords, skills and qualifications to include. A staffing agency can help you optimize your resume to industry leaders who use applicant tracking systems (ATS). A resume can be seen as a virtual handshake and recruiters can provide the right advice to make a strong first impression.

3. act as your career agent

It’s difficult cutting through the noise of job boards, promotional ads and social media channels to find a job suited for you. Your time and energy is valuable and best invested in a seasoned recruiter to speed up your search. Not only can recruiters select opportunities fit for your hard skills, but they can present roles that align with your goals, workplace expectations and values.

4. recruiters want to see you succeed

Last year, Forbes listed recruiters at the top of their happiest jobs in 2016 list. We like to think this isn’t a coincidence. Finding meaningful jobs for people provides recruiters a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in their line of work. Your success is their success and it brings them joy to take the job journey with you. To see a list of all job opportunities available, visit Randstad’s job search page.