Like good karma, hard work always comes back to you in the form of your next paycheck. But sometimes the interval between pay cycles feels like an eternity, too, which can cause job burnout. That's why it's so important to have little things that you look forward to each day — rituals and work habits that make your working life even richer. While there's no secret sauce for converting down time into a pick-me-up, with these simple tips from Randstad, you should be able to get even more satisfaction out of your work.

how finance and accounting professionals can learn to talk good

Finance and accounting professionals can get crushed by quarterly or year-end closing processes. But then, even on a daily basis, there's also the challenge of how to stay focused at work, whether on a dizzying array of numbers, or a solitary cell on an Excel sheet. So when you take a work break from crunching numbers, why not do something that can help tune-up your memory and give you an edge in social situations to boot? If you’re wondering how to reward yourself and your brain, consider downloading a word-of-the-day app for your smartphone. It'll be a great diversion from all those numbers. And if you dedicate five minutes to memorizing a new word each day, you'll find that, before long, you're speaking a whole new lingua franca.

sweet music for HR professionals

Between interviewing candidates, onboarding new employees, getting through the litany of daily meetings and handling all kinds of interpersonal issues, you, dear human resources professional, spend precious hours of your day listening to and dealing with people. And that's as it should be — you're a great listener, after all. But dealing with conflict and meeting new people can take a toll, too. So, next time you have a minute to yourself during a busy day, why not tune your ears to something a bit less demanding — say, the music you love? Studies have shown that listening to the music you enjoy actually causes the brain to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that has been linked to pleasant feelings. This is the kind of healthy workplace habit we can get down with. Sound good?

why office and administrative pros should walk this way

Busy office and administrative professionals sometimes wind up glued to their desks — perhaps there was a deluge of calls, or you got slammed by a seemingly endless string of visitors. But, especially given all that we now know about the dangers of prolonged sitting, it's crucial to move about in the course of the day. You might need someone at the office to cover for you while you're gone, of course, but lunchtime walks are a great way to limber up, refresh and pick up a new healthy habit at work. Plus, the benefits of even a little walking can be powerful: In one study, for example, participants who strolled for 30 minutes three days a week were more enthusiastic and relaxed, and experienced less tension on the days when they walked versus days they didn't. And if you invite a coworker to come along with you, then the walk also becomes an opportunity to build rapport and network.

a focus on flexibility at manufacturing and logistics facilities

Manufacturing and logistics professionals are often involved in serious physical activity during the course of their day, so it's a good idea to get some rest during downtime. But sitting or being idle, after all of that movement, often leaves you feeling stiff. So limber up with some stretching. Studies show it's best to stretch for more than five minutes at a time, and to vary which stretches you do. If you're looking for smart ways to stay fit during the day — including specific instructions on stretches you can try — check out our article on the warehouse workout. And, what the heck, why not pick up a few simple tips for better eating while you're at it?

these apps = happiness for the technologically savvy

No one is as plugged in all day long as tech professionals. You toil long hours in front of screens, so when you do have downtime, you probably want a break from all that backlit glass. But you might be missing out on an opportunity. For instance, there are a number of new smartphone apps out there designed with mental health in mind — apps that promote calmness and mindfulness, for example, or help you with meditation. Many of these apps are free. Some even claim to be backed by science. So focus on your wellness at work and tap into an app that’ll teach you how to stay calm at work… or wherever you are.

Ultimately, whichever route you choose and whatever industry you're in, you need to enjoy what you do for a living — not just the money that comes with it. So try out Randstad's tips and see what works for you. Small, smart rituals can help you get a lot more satisfaction out of your day. And rest assured that payday will still be sweet — maybe even sweeter.