Ready to turn big data into big opportunities? Boost your data science career with these six cutting-edge certifications.

In a business world where data is king, the role of data scientists is absolutely critical. These professionals can turn raw data into actionable insights and help companies crack the code of big data. As such, data scientist is one of the hottest tech jobs of 2023.

If you're eyeing a career in data science or looking to enhance your analytical skills, there's no single pathway to success. This dynamic field offers multiple routes, be it formal education, hands-on work experience, or often, a blend of both.

Certifications, though, hold a special place in this journey. They offer a targeted way to boost your career, helping you specialize and stay current in a rapidly evolving field while also lending weight to your resume.  When choosing a certification, consider your present skills, career goals, preferred tools and platforms, and of course, the provider's reputation alongside the time and financial commitment involved.

Here's our roundup of six noteworthy data science certifications to consider in 2023:

1. certified analytics professional (CAP)

A platform-agnostic certification, the CAP emphasizes the core methodology of data science. It equips learners with both technical and soft skills applicable across diverse industries, making it ideal for early to mid-career professionals.

2. microsoft certified azure data scientist associate

As you’d expect, Microsoft’s dedicated data science certification focuses on Azure, its cloud computing platform. To earn this title, you’ll need to demonstrate expertise in designing machine learning solutions and preparing, deploying and retraining models in Azure.

3. data science professional certificate from harvard extension school

This professional certificate from Harvard emphasizes teaching real-world data science skills, fundamental R programming skills and statistical concepts. It is self-paced and suitable for beginners to the field and comes with a sprinkling of Ivy League prestige.

4. SAS data science certification

If you're keen on working with big data and building models at scale within an SAS analytics environment, this certification could be your match. It doesn't require a degree and is also suitable for data analysis beginners.

5. IBM data science professional certificate

The self-paced online certificate from IBM is designed to prepare you for a career in data science by introducing you to the fundamentals of data analysis to lay the groundwork for entry-level data scientist roles. No prior experience is required.

6. PDS from the data science council of america

The PDS (Principal Data Scientist) credential is aimed at the most seasoned tech professionals. It’s a prestigious cross-platform certification that validates advanced data science skills, signaling a fit for leadership roles in the sector.

Pursuing a career in data science is not only about acquiring an in-demand skill set, but it also offers an exciting field full of constant growth and innovation. Data scientists often find themselves at the heart of strategic decision-making — what could be more fulfilling than knowing your work directly shapes the future of your organization?

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