what is a scrum master?

To understand what a scrum master is, it's first necessary for you to learn about scrum. Scrum is a popular framework for project management. It consists of a precise guideline for how small teams work together to achieve goals. Being a scrum master is all about bringing agile methodology to new workplaces. When you're a scrum master, you oversee teams and guide them through the scrum process. Your task usually includes explaining the concept to employees and implementing the scrum framework in the workplace. Once your company starts using scrum, you're in charge of organizing each stage of the scrum approach. Your job can include everything from overseeing meetings to drafting reports. Unlike traditional project manager roles where you instruct employees in their tasks, your goal is to empower your team to work independently.

which businesses use scrum masters?

Scrum was first popularized by the software development industry. It remains one of the most common methods of handling projects such as designing a new program or releasing a new update. Over the years, scrum has evolved to work in many different fields. You can be a scrum master who works in the financial field, advertising industry, and more. It's a great opportunity to combine your industry-specific skills with your general organizational skills and communication skills. Would working as a scrum master suit your analytical and collaborative mindset? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a scrum master role.

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average scrum master salary

Because it's such a unique job, scrum master salaries can vary quite a bit. In this role, you're technically a type of project management specialist, which can help you command a slightly higher salary. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average project manager's salary is around $94,000. However, most scrum masters fall into the "specialist technical services category," so they make upwards of $100,000. Though most scrum masters make a six-figure salary, job listings do occasionally offer smaller salaries of around $87,000.

factors that impact pay

If you're interested in higher-paying scrum master jobs, you need to work in higher-paying industries. Scrum masters who assist with financial and technological matters usually get more than those helping with construction or product development. You can also make more if you have additional experience. This field is highly results-driven, so a proven record of success makes you a lot more desirable to employers.

Would you like to know what a scrum master earns? Where the highest salaries are paid for a scrum master? Then check out this scrum master salary page and find out all about the salary of a scrum master in the USA.

female and male working together
female and male working together

types of scrum master

The job of being a scrum master can vary a lot depending on the business you work for. Some scrum masters are high-level consultants who spend all their time focusing on scrum. They often work at big companies and move from team to team throughout the day. Other scrum masters may just handle a single team while taking on other roles in the workplace as well. For example, a scrum master might also work as a DevOps developer who writes software when not leading scrum meetings. Others take on additional management roles or executive tasks outside of the scrum methodology.


working as a scrum master

Being a scrum master is exciting. This job challenges you to manage a lot of variables while producing tangible results. Here's what you need to know about the job.


scrum master skills and education

Does being a scrum master sound like a good fit for your personality and career goals? If you want to get a scrum master job, it's helpful to have these qualities.

hand navigating on a tablet screen
hand navigating on a tablet screen

FAQs about working as a scrum master

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about scrum masters.

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