what is a VP finance (generalist)?

As a VP finance (generalist), you are responsible for the financial growth of a company. Some of your main duties include creating revenue reports and implementing financial policies. With your in-depth knowledge of accounting and finances, you are responsible for the financial health of a company. Part of your responsibilities are also to maintain transparency in the financing department and to prepare the financial statements at the end of the fiscal year. In addition, you implement strategies that allow the company to financially grow and earn profits.

As a VP finance (generalist), you make investment decisions for the company to improve and grow the company's portfolio. You continuously monitor the investment portfolio and take appropriate risks when growing the portfolio. In addition, your job is to create monthly, quarterly, and annual revenue reports as well as to create budgets for each department. Another key responsibility you have is to track the company's expenditures and profits, reduce or eliminate financial risks for the company, and find solutions to the company's financial issues. Finally, you report the company's finances and activities to your immediate supervisor, the Chief Financial Officer, or CFO.

Would working as a VP finance (generalist) suit your interests? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a VP finance (generalist) role.

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average VP finance (generalist) salary

Would you like to know what a VP finance (generalist) earns? Where the highest salaries are paid to a VP finance (generalist)? Then check out this VP finance (generalist) salary page and find out all about the salary of a VP finance (generalist) in the USA.

A VP finance (generalist) salary can be as high as $170,243 to $203,149 a year, though the median salary is $131,710. Your salary will depend on the city you are in and the demand for VP finance (generalist) in that city. However, according to a Bloomberg report, both CFOs and VP finance (generalist) are in high demand. Anywhere that shows a high need for VP finance (generalist) and CFOs means you may be able to negotiate a higher pay. In addition, the expected job growth for VP finance (generalist) should be 17%, from 2020 to 2030 .

Although you may start with a salary of around $131,710, VP finance (generalist) typically receive bonuses at the end of the year. This can increase your salary by a few thousand. VP finance (generalist) also have the opportunity to move up the ladder and become CFOs.

Group of colleagues sitting in a meeting room.
Group of colleagues sitting in a meeting room.

types of VP finance (generalist)

The VP finance (generalist) is typically the same position across different companies. However, the VP finance (generalist) may have different titles, such as director of financial planning and analysis, VP finance (generalist) and operations, or finance director.

VP finance (generalist) may also work at companies of varying sizes, from small and medium companies to multinational companies with significant commitments and investments in the international market. Directors of finance who work in multinational companies will, of course, be responsible for larger investment portfolios and larger company budgets. It may also be necessary to work with external businesses on behalf of your company.


working as a VP finance (generalist)

The VP finance (generalist) should have a strategic vision and technical abilities to carry out financial planning for companies. To do this, you must be prepared, have the necessary competencies, and develop the skills that allow you to successfully perform your duties. Here are some of the essential aspects of your work profile.


VP finance (generalist) skills and education

A solid background in finance can put you ahead of the pack when you are seeking a VP finance (generalist) job. Here is a breakdown of the skills and education you need.

women looking at her file
women looking at her file

FAQs about working as a VP finance (generalist)

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the VP finance (generalist).

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