a day in the life of an account manager

creating opportunities

A day in the life of an account manager at Randstad can be varied, but we typically try to focus on a core group of fundamental activities each day to bring success. Since this position is geared towards selling the services that Randstad offers, our first daily goal is to find ways to create opportunities with new clients.

how to be successful

Being a successful account manager can be done in a variety of ways, and Randstad has amazing tools to help. The most basic tip is setting aside time to call or visit companies with whom we are interested in doing business. Ultimately, account managers are here to create opportunities and drive revenue.

how does randstad help its clients

Account managers try to narrow down the companies by their hiring needs and the type of industry they are in. This way we can really hone in on servicing our clients well. After our account managers are able to create new clients, they focus time on current business needs. This is where core relationships are developed.

strong relationships see results

Account managers set time aside each day to visit their clients, meet with managers who have hiring needs and follow up with people we have put to work. This is very rewarding as you'll get to see the results of your efforts first hand. We get to foster a stronger relationship between Randstad and our customers, further driving our expertise in the industry of staffing.

account manager responsibilities

  • Build our business and relationships with clients 
  • Proactively search for client companies with staffing service needs 
  • Build relationships, with the goal to be the vendor of choice 
  • Grow existing accounts 
  • Become involved in industry associations 
  • Meet sales metrics 
  • Ensure client retention 
  • Drive aggressive growth and profitability in a sustainable manner
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