1. .NET developer

job description: .NET developers design, write, develop and implement ASP.NET software and applications. They maintain and enhance existing web-based software and applications, troubleshoot and debug code and collaborate with cross-functional teams and clients to define, design and deploy enhancements and technical solutions.

skills or certifications needed: .NET, C#, SQL, ASP.NET, web programming, software development

average salary: $98,368 – $122,112  |  low: $83,144 – $98,368  |  high: $122,112 – $141,758

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2. welder

job description: Welders use high heat, either manually or through remote-controlled equipment, to fuse materials like metals and thermoplastics during the manufacturing process. They may also cut or repair materials. Between 2021 and 2031, there will be 47,600 welder jobs added each year.

skills or certifications needed: reading blueprints, shop mathematics, mechanical drawing

average salary: $19– $23/hour  |  low: $16 – $19/hour  |  high: $23 – $26/hour

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3. call center representative

job description: Call center representatives (CCRs) answer inbound calls and place outbound calls with the goal of increasing business, ensuring customer satisfaction and retaining customers. They also navigate customer information systems, respond to questions from customers, explain services, correct errors, provide information on pricing, take orders, help develop leads, sell products and more.

skills or certifications needed: customer service, communication skills, problem solving, multi-tasking, attention to detail

average salary: $31,216 – $37,360  |  low: $27,679 – $31,216  |  high: $37,360 – $43,495

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4. customer service representative

job description: Customer service representatives (CSRs) interact with customers, providing valuable information in response to inquiries from customers about accounts, products, services and more.

skills or certifications needed: customer service, communication skills, problem solving, multi-tasking, attention to detail

average salary: $33,311 – $41,694  |  low: $28,217 – $33,311  |  high: $41,694 – $48,790

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5. forklift operator

job description: Forklift operators operate industrial trucks equipped with lifting devices to push, pull, lift, stack or tier products, pallets, equipment and materials in warehouses, storage yards, factories and other settings.

skills or certifications needed: warehouse, forklift operation, packing/unpacking, stocking, physical fitness

average salary: $18 – $20/hour  |  low: $16 – $18/hour  |  high: $20 – $23/hour

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6. financial analyst

job description: Financial analysts are responsible for ensuring organizations make wise financial decisions. They oversee everything from auditing and budgeting to taxes and investment opportunity analysis. Employment is projected to grow 9 percent in the decade between 2021 and 2031, with 32,000 financial analyst jobs expected to be added each year.

skills or certifications needed: financial documents, databases/software, data analysis, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

average salary: $78,811 – $108,089  |  low: $62,738 – $78,811  |  high: $108,089 – $130,844

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7. DevOps developer/engineer

job description: DevOps engineers help to improve and maintain an organization’s IT and cloud infrastructure. They combine a strong tech background with knowledge of automation to improve productivity.

skills or certifications needed: C++, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, IT automation tools, agile software development methodologies, Docker Certified Associate (DCA), Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA), AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

average salary: $128,000 – $149,792  |  low: $110,686 – $128,000  |  high: $149,792 – $168,101

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8. data scientist

job description: These professionals are experts at turning mountains of data into actionable insights for organizations. They may use a variety of methods to collect and capture data, including surveys, web-scraping tools and databases. Employment of data scientists is projected to grow a staggering 36 percent between 2021 and 2031.

skills or certifications needed: computer science, mathematics, analytical skills, communication, logical thinking, problem-solving skills, Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

average salary: $89,274 – $115,846  |  low: $73,745 – $89,274  |  high: $115,846 – $137,309

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9. maintenance mechanic

job description: Maintenance mechanics repair and maintain a wide range of machinery and mechanical equipment using hand tools, power tools and measuring and testing instruments. They dismantle machinery and mechanical equipment to gain access to, and, if needed, repair and replace defective parts. They may also be responsible for preventative maintenance and scheduling the delivery of replacement parts.

skills or certifications needed: mechanical maintenance, electrical maintenance, troubleshooting, blueprints

average salary: $19 – $23/hour  |  low: $16 – $19/hour  |  high: $23 – $27/hour

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10. medical biller / coder

job description: Medical billers and coders process insurance claims to ensure accurate payment for the healthcare facilities in which they work. Medical billers and coders review a patient's treatment to assign it the proper code for billing, but their responsibilities extend to the post-payment process, too. Medical billers and coders are also responsible for working with both insurance companies and patients to resolve billing issues on both ends.

skills or certifications needed: medical billing software, insurance guidelines, customer service, accounting, bookkeeping, communication

average salary: $34,060 – $42,338  |  low: $28,890 – $34,060  |  high: $42,338 – $49,314

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11. office assistant

job description: Office assistants provide clerical support to businesses in a number of ways. Responsibilities may include handling phone calls, scheduling appointments, taking notes and managing office supply inventory. Additionally, office assistants can also serve as the first point of contact for a company, manning the front desk to greet and usher visitors to appointments.

skills or certifications needed: writing ability, organization, communication, customer service, file management

average salary: $34,040 – $42,724  |  low: $28,692 – $34,040  |  high: $42,724 – $49,949

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12. full-stack developer

job description: Full-stack developers are jacks-of-all-trades when it comes to web design and development. These professionals can code and maintain both the front-end and back-end of websites, meaning both the side that users interact with and the technical code that makes the site function. Due in part to their versatile skill sets, full-stack developers are in high demand.

skills or certifications needed: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, web architecture, database management

average salary: $87,600 – $112,432  |  low: $71,425 – $87,600  |  high: $112,432 – $131,090

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13. registered nurse

job description: Registered nurses (RNs) are often specialists — for example, there are intensive care unit (ICU) RNs, progressive care RNs, emergency room (ER) RNs, medical surgical RNs, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) RNs and more. All are responsible for interacting with patients, physicians and other healthcare professionals. They administer medications and treatments and aid physicians in the treatment and examination of patients. They also help maintain essential records related to treatments, patient symptoms and care.

skills or certifications needed: patient care, advanced cardiac life support, treatment planning, communication skills, teamwork

average salary: $89,578 – $99,008  |  low: $76,182 – $84,202  |  high: $104,216 – $115,186

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14. underwriter

job description: Underwriters assess individual insurance or mortgage applications to determine whether or not applicants meet the requirements for approval — and, if so, they recommend appropriate premiums and rates for the associated level of risk. Underwriters also use software to analyze risk profiles and calculate costs.

skills or certifications needed: underwriting, mortgage lending, microsoft office, financial risk management, customer service

average salary: $68,352 – $88,256  |  low: $57,000 – $68,352  |  high: $88,256 – $104,798

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15. warehouse worker

job description: Warehouse workers such as materials handlers, pickers, packers, production laborers and others perform work that is essential to the day-to-day operations of warehouses and industrial facilities. Their responsibilities include loading and unloading materials, coordinating the movement of products within the facility, weighing products, following verbal and written instructions and more.

skills or certifications needed: moving goods, sorting, communication skills, reading, attention to detail

average salary: $15 – $17/hour  |  low: $14 – $15/hour  |  high: $17 – $19/hour

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