step 4: qualifications and career highlights.

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  • March 30, 2017

Your resume is no place to be humble about your professional accomplishments. The real question is about how to include your career highlights on your resume and in what frequency. Depending on the resume format that you select to use, you will adhere to different standards for your standout achievements.

formatting your career highlights.

  • Regardless of format, your career highlights section should be found at the top of your resume, directly beneath your contact information.
  • Use the same header sizing and font as for your other major sections.
  • Title this section Career Highlights or Career Qualifications.
  • A summary paragraph of career highlights is the best format to use with a skills-based resume or if you are relatively new to the workforce.
  • Listing your career highlights in bullets works well if you have lots of qualifications or relevant work experience.
  • Bullets allow you to choose the most important pieces of information based upon the position for which you are applying.

example of career highlights paragraph.

Experienced manager with over two years’ experience leading a sales team. Provide elite customer service and training to companies with technical and accounting issues. Top performing employee on regional quarterly performance reviews. Proficient with various programs, such as Microsoft Excel. Currently looking for a position with upward mobility; my modus operandi is to always improve my skill set and inspire my colleagues to make similar improvements.

example of career highlights bullets.

  • Nationally recognized and award-winning designer and UX developer.
  • 15 years’ experience leading data development department.
  • Guided and managed 30+ clients through two major corporate mergers.
  • Expertise in 10+ data development systems and servers.

don’t forget about keywords.

  • Find keywords by seeing which qualification or experience words appear most often in the job descriptions.
  • Incorporate these keywords throughout your resume. Computers and recruiters quickly scanning your resume will detect these buzzwords and phrases.
  • Use synonyms for those keywords as well, because your resume must still read well to hiring managers.

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Step 5: job skills