payroll services and
independent contractor solutions

Randstad's payroll services and independent contractor solutions are managed through Randstad Sourceright. Randstad Sourceright is able to deliver agile support that improves efficiency and reduces compliance risks. Their services also incorporate many benefits typically associated with other talent solutions such as RPO and MSP, including scalability, employer branding, advertising campaigns, and more.

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why use our payrolling and independent contractor solution?

Randstad Sourceright's payroll services and independent contractor solutions allow your business to have access to talent with rapid ramp-up for seasonal and greenfield projects. This efficient resourcing leads to a reduction of overhead costs because Randstad Sourceright is the employer of record. Additionally, Randstad Sourceright takes management of compliance assurance utilizing best practices and expertise in employment regulations.

Randstad offers the broad capability to service customers with highly complex needs and extremely high seasonal demands. Unlike other providers, we offer end-to-end services, including employer branding, safety programs, and on-site management. Our IC and payroll services utilize a single point of contact, timely fulfillment, and robust governance strategies to ensure a successful ramp-up. Our stringent process are designed to quickly onboard the talent recruited by the client and deliver productivity in less time.