Work isn't always rainbows, butterflies and sunshine, so what keeps you whistling while you work?

  • employer branding
  • April 08, 2013
You walk into work and people are smiling, they’re walking around and interacting with one another, the birds seem to be singing and the space feels lighthearted but full of a busy bustling. Euphoric, right?
Today’s workplace doesn’t have to consist of individuals being chained to their desks, lacking creative liberty and not developing new skills. In fact, if their jobs do feel like this, they’re most likely not happy.
Recently, Randstad polled 7,000 people from around the country and asked them to define what factors determine employee happiness at work. And, let’s just say, people don’t want to be lounging around. On the contrary, and according to the Randstad 2013 Employer Branding Survey, people want to feel challenged, they want to be developing new skills and the want to have supervisory responsibilities.