The Randstad Award: Employer Branding

  • employer branding
  • May 12, 2015

why candidates choose an employer

When asked to rank the top criteria when choosing an employer, U.S. employees say the most important factors are salary and benefits, followed by job security and a pleasant work atmosphere. 
  • salary and benefits: 62%
  • job security: 51%
  • pleasant work atmosphere: 46%

Delving deeper and looking into generational differences, we find that potential employees aged 45-65 years prioritize salary, job security, financial health and location more often than younger employees. Those aged 18-24 are more likely to look for companies that offer training opportunities and interesting job content.

why did they leave?

Of those surveyed, 16 percent left their employers voluntarily in the preceding year and cite lack of career growth opportunities, low compensation, poor leadership and work-life balance issues as the primary reasons.
  • lack of career growth opportunities: 26%
  • low compensation: 23%
  • poor leadership: 19%
  • work-life balance issues: 19% 

why do they stay?

Sixty-two percent of U.S. employees do not plan to leave their current employers in the coming year and report they are most influenced to stay because of good work-life balance, competitive salary or flexible working arrangements. Comparatively, in Randstad’s 2014 Employer Branding Study, employees cited long-term job security, competitive salary and pleasant working atmosphere as the main reasons to stay. Earlier studies show flexibility was considerably less important, whereas it is a key retention factor today.
  • good work-life balance: 48%
  • competitive salary: 34%
  • flexible working arrangements: 33%

top employment fields

The top three fields that employees in the United States currently prefer to work in are media & IT, aerospace & defense and consulting, scientific & engineering services.  While both males and females rated media & IT as their most preferred industry, individuals aged 18-24 selected aerospace & defense.
  1. media & IT: 61% 
  2. aerospace & defense: 57%
  3. consulting, scientific & engineering services: 56%

global results

Our exclusive employer branding study is conducted in 23 countries worldwide.  From that study, we can draw conclusions from a global perspective. Take a moment to view the global summary report.  

standing out

How does your employer brand stand out? Should you rely on financial reward, or do you promote other values? Find out how some of the most attractive employers around the globe tackle these issues in “Standing Out.”