How to Promote Yourself Without Looking Self-Promotional

  • women powering business
  • November 01, 2012

In her recent article for Women Powering BusinessSonya Hinds considers how to promote your talents and successes without looking arrogant or overconfident. At times, this can be a tricky field to navigate while trying to balance the need to be recognized The risk is coming across as blatantly self-promotional

Actions Over Words

She writes that actions surely speak louder than words in many instances. “I think you start by showing your value through your relationships with others, getting involved in your local community (not your online communities either), go volunteer at a homeless shelter, help build houses, volunteer to mentor kids.” It is difficult to come across as self-serving while doing good and helping others.

Be a Go –To Person

Being the kind of person that others want to work with and be around is a key to fostering a positive image. Keeping your commitments and treating others with respect will help solidify your reputation and allow people to spread your worth themselves.

Know Yourself

A true sense of self-awareness will help you promote yourself and your accomplishments successfully. Sonya suggests always keeping your resume updated to show a true reflection of your skillset and achievements. This will help you recall what to talk to if the situation should arise.

To become more self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses, Sonya recommends taking apersonality assessment in order to consider your behavioral styles and characteristics. This will make you aware of how your personality drives relationships and the best way to promote your true-self through actions, not words.

Sonya Hinds is a Director of Human Resources for Randstad and contributor for Women Powering Business, a source focusing on women-leadership in in the workplace.


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