2014 Hot Jobs: Finance & Accounting

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  • February 12, 2014

2014 Hot Jobs: Finance & Accounting

The unemployment rate in the U.S. ended 2013 on a high note, decreasing to 6.7 percent. Demand in industries like finance and accounting is on the rise, specifically for professionals in staff and senior accounting, accounting managers, internal auditors and public accountants. Yet the number of these openings is far higher than the number of qualified professionals.

Those finance and accounting professionals who specialize in skills like ERP Software, Hyperion or those who have their CPA certification will find the 2014 employment landscape even more promising.

High demand and promising career paths are what make finance and accounting jobs part of our 2014 Hot Jobs list.

#1 Staff / Senior Accountant Jobs

Because accounting is an integral part to small and large businesses alike, a career in accounting can unlock doors to a virtually unlimited number of companies around the world. According to CareerBuilder's Supply and Demand metrics, there were 112,000 job seekers in demand for over 200,000 active job openings for accountants.

Staff accountants generally have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and can be promoted to senior accountants after a few years in the field.

According to a CareerBuilder Supply and Demand report, 60 percent of staff and senior accountants have at least a bachelor’s degree and over 33 percent have a post-graduate degree.

Specializing in ERP Software like SAP, Oracle, Baan or MS Dynamics can further opportunities in this field. The median salary range for staff and senior accounting jobs is $55,000, with the top quartile earning over $75,000 a year.

Strong demand from top employers and competitive salary make staff and senior accounting the top hot job in finance and accounting for 2014.

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#2 Manager Level Accountant Jobs

After working as a staff or senior accountant, accountants can be promoted to a manager accountant and turn their attention to managing projects and working directly with clients.

Manager level accountants also experience higher salaries in compensation for their increased level of responsibility, with a median salary range of $75,000 and the top quartile earning approximately $104,000 a year.

Accounting managers and controllers have seen an increase in demand over the last two years and there will likely be even more of a demand as the economy continues to recover, making this a hot job for finance and accounting professionals for years to come.

There are currently over 32,000 more available jobs than active candidates for manager accountants.

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#3 Internal Auditor / Public Accountant Jobs

Careers in internal auditing and public accounting allow professionals to gain experience with a wide variety of companies and clients. Auditors and public accountants who obtain their CPA will experience even more career opportunities as it helps them stand out and showcase a proven track record of accounting and finance knowledge.

Most states require CPA candidates to have a bachelor’s degree; according to a CareerBuilder Supply and Demand report, 52 percent of job seekers have a bachelor’s degree and 39 percent have a master’s degree.

There is a strong demand for auditors and public accountants, with there being almost three times as many openings as there are candidates.

With a strong median salary of approximately $69,500 and the top quartile reaching $83,000 a year, internal auditors and public accountants enjoy a rich career with good compensation.

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How to be Successful in Finance & Accounting in 2014:

“Today’s finance and accounting professionals need to be more than number crunchers. Employers are no longer looking for purely back office talent,” said Rebecca Callahan, Group President of Professional Solutions, Randstad. “Companies are increasingly looking for talent with greater soft skills—like strong communication and analytical skills—which transfer to all facets of business.

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