maslow’s theory at work: employee needs in the post-digital workplace.

  • workforce insights
  • July 12, 2018

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs may conjure up memories of high school psychology class, but the theory that all humans have basic needs and strive for the next level of fulfillment on their way to self-actualization is equally at home in the workplace. As work environments evolve with the infusion of new digital and emerging technologies, Maslow’s theory offers an interesting perspective in updating your approach to employee engagement.

Randstad’s study, Workplace 2025: The Post-Digital Frontier, found that technological innovations have greatly altered employees’ needs, and identified the human and digital aspects of the workplace that business leaders must incorporate to build a stronger employee experience. At the end of the day, technology can cater to what employees want, but companies must also work diligently to ensure the human element of the work isn’t lost. The outcome of this approach? An improved ability to attract and retain talent, stronger teams, a positive company culture and, ultimately, a better external customer service experience.

maslow’s theory in today’s workplace

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