technology’s impact on women in the workplace.

  • workforce insights
  • July 10, 2018

Technology continues to reshape the workplace across all industries, often for the better. But according to the World Economic Forum, those same technological advancements will threaten 57 percent of jobs typically held by women between now and 2026. Without a formidable strategy in place, organizations will fail a substantial portion of their workforces.

In this white paper, our chief diversity and inclusion officer, Audra Jenkins, addresses how AI, robotics and automation are impacting diversity in the workplace — and how employers can overcome these challenges to strengthen their workforce and take the lead in today’s growing global economy.

Now — not five or ten years in the future — is the time to prepare for a workforce impacted by automation. Businesses can attract top talent, fuel innovation and see increased ROI by having a comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy in place. For practical recommendations and insights on how to prepare for displacement caused by automation, download our white paper on Women and Automation: Confronting Tomorrow's Diversity Challenges Today.

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