work perks and benefits: what employees and candidates want.

  • workforce insights
  • June 19, 2018

Employee benefits affect our personal lives, so it comes as no surprise that they weigh heavily on the minds of job seekers. In fact, our Benefits and Perks in the Workplace study revealed that benefits not only have the power to drive employees away, but can help attract new talent, too. However, employee preferences are evolving, so it’s a good idea to to review your benefits package and ensure it’s aligned with the latest workplace trends.

what does top talent today value most in an employee benefits package?

  • onsite amenities to maximize time-in-office
  • packages that enhance quality of life
  • investments in ongoing training and professional development opportunities
  • benefits tailored to life stages
  • greater communication and education
  • Now, we’ll take a closer look behind each feature and offer tips to help you put together a competitive benefits package tailored to your talent’s needs.

    how employee benefits packages impact your business