The client, a professional sports entertainment organization, had been running their internal desktop support and service desk team from three separate locations. As a result, they lacked reporting processes to diagnose service issues, which decreased efficiency and hurt overall service levels. Faced with these challenges, the client turned to Randstad Technologies for support.


Randstad Technologies worked consultatively with the client to understand needs and develop best-fit solutions. Having aligned on priorities, we developed a plan of attack and began:

  • overhauling the client’s existing desktop capabilities
  • rebooting the client’s approach to handling service desk contacts
  • implementing comprehensive reporting to improve visibility into operations and progress towards goals
  • establishing a key framework for driving and measuring operational improvements going forward


Randstad Technologies rolled out a unique hybrid facility model, introducing 24x7 coverage while reducing customer costs and increasing the client’s flexibility to handle contact volume spikes. Highlights of the engagement included:

  • handling approximately 1,300 monthly escalations with our desktop support implementation
  • supporting approximately 3,600 monthly contacts through our service desk implementation
  • decreasing repeat calls through knowledge management enhancements and more sophisticated governance
  • introducing a continual service improvement (CSI) program within the client’s organization, correcting what had been a critical shortcoming