When service desk and support models became operating pain points, the client, a Fortune 100 company, turned to Randstad Technologies for support. Specifically, the client’s decentralized model — a mix of globally distributed insourced and outsourced service desks — was leading to a host of negative consequences, such as:

  • sub-optimal service delivery
  • inconsistent client experiences
  • limited data-based insights
  • misdirected customer incidents
  • duplicative work
  • communication channel breakdowns
  • unresolved user requests, incidents, problems and more


By leveraging industry-leading methodologies, Randstad Technologies helped the client transition to a single-point-of-contact (SPOC) service desk using a phased approach on a global scale. And to ensure end-to-end issue resolution, we took care to overturn previous vendors’ practice of assigning core problem-solving tasks back to end users.

After developing an 18-month planning process that finalized consolidation and transition efforts — with shared agreement around strategic goals and objectives, support structures, ownership roles and financials — we focused on:

  • building out a best-in-class SPOC, including end-to-end management for IT-related service desk services
  • addressing low first-call-resolution rates together with sub-par customer satisfaction levels
  • formalizing knowledge management and standardizing processes based on an information technology infrastructure library (ITIL)


Having identified opportunities to reduce overall call volume, Randstad Technologies implemented a new governance model emphasizing the quality of end-user experiences, the efficiency of service delivery and the effectiveness of service outcomes. Highlights of the engagement included:

  • successfully launching initial-phase transition of 30,000 domestic end users to an offshore support model
  • growing support from a user base of 16,000 with approximately 13,000 monthly interactions to 46,000 end users with more than 27,000 monthly interactions
  • implementing a continual service improvement (CSI) program focused on increasing customer satisfaction
  • designating subject matter experts within the SPOC to focus on the client's key lines of business

Having partnered successfully with Randstad Technologies for 15 years, the client was delighted (though perhaps unsurprised) that we were able to develop such robust solutions — and have an immediate impact on bottom-line performance.