User frustration with Windows 7 was up, productivity was down and application incompatibility was causing real business problems when this international financial trading organization brought in Randstad Technologies to migrate the organization from Windows 7 to Windows 10. 

Their rapid migration schedule entailed:

  • migrating 1,200 devices to Win 10
  • staging, imaging and migrating vast quantities of user data
  • communicating with and helping prepare their end users for the new operating system


Working as a strategic partner, Randstad Technologies applied years of Windows migration experience performed for scores of clients to meet their aggressive deadline.

  • providing scheduling, asset tracking and end user communication
  • managing and synchronizing the installation/migration teams across 7 locations
  • staging, imaging and moving user data at each location
  • following the client’s procedures for decommissioning old equipment for recycling or disposal


The client’s migration proved successful in meeting their expectations about improving business operations within their short timeframe.

  • deploying over 1,200 devices across 7 locations in less than 90 days
  • completing the migration faster than expected
  • reducing the amount of downtime for data migration and problem resolution

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