“Onsite” and "inhouse" mean different things to different people — and while the language might seem complex, in practice, it's simple: We work exclusively for you, at your office or on your factory floor, day in and day out. So when sudden needs arise or priorities shift, we'll work side by side with you to solve problems, uncover opportunities and implement solutions. We don't just provide local talent to be onsite for, say, two hours a day. We provide onsite managers who are dedicated to your success. 

This is a “vendor on premises,” or VOP, model. And it can mean the difference between having a dedicated team, which can lead to considerable cost savings, versus relying on multiple staffing resources that may be filling roles on the highest markup or pay rate. The bottom line is that with Randstad Inhouse Services you have a one-on-one relationship with your onsite manager, who will help you manage your business in real time.

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