When it comes to looking for a new position, some job seekers are hesitant to work with a recruitment agency. The main culprit? Common misconceptions about how the process works. But in today’s market, employers and employees alike can benefit from the experience and resources of a recruiter. To alleviate concerns, here are four myths — and the truth behind them:

myth #1: recruiting agencies are expensive

Probably the most common source of confusion is around who foots the bill for a recruiter. The truth is simple: employers pay recruiters to find and deliver qualified candidates for their needs. 

What does this mean for you? Working with a recruiter actually boosts your job search — for free! In the process, you glean the experience of a professional. Think of it as a second set of eyes working to help you pinpoint the perfect job opportunity. 

Bottom line, a recruiter should never ask you to pay for their services, whether you find a job through their agency or not.

myth #2: recruiters force you to take jobs in order to collect a commission

Another common belief is that recruitment agencies have quotas and in order to meet them, may push you into a job that’s not right for you.  The truth is, recruiters serve as an extension of your own job search. This means they want you to be happy!

Their role is to present you with opportunities you’re excited about and will adjust their search to help you find a job you’re passionate about. What’s more, a good recruiter is in tune with today’s workforce, so they’ll take into account your goals around flexibility, values and work-life balance. 

This method also benefits employers because they pay recruiters to find talent that fits their needs as well as their corporate culture. After all, candidates who are a better fit are more likely to remain long term. In fact, some companies will even pay bonuses for employees who stay with them for a set period of time. This means happy placements are often also the most profitable.

myth #3: you can find the same jobs recruiters do 

With technology today, you may think that recruiters simply piggyback off jobs posted online, either on company websites or by competitor agencies. The truth is, this isn’t always the case. 

As many as 50 percent of positions recruiters are trying to fill at any given time are not posted anywhere at all. These can be jobs with swift turnarounds, or positions that are either highly competitive or require extremely specialized skills.

Plus, that very technology that allows you to view job postings is a powerful tool for top recruiting agencies. They use key metrics, AI and virtual interviews to identify quality candidates and broaden their talent pool. This means that working with a recruitment agency will often reveal exciting job opportunities you might not otherwise find yourself.

myth #4: recruiters take part of your salary as commission

But won’t you make more money if your new employer doesn’t have to pay a recruiter to hire you? After all, they could spend that amount on your salary. The truth is, you’ll make the same amount — or more. 

Research shows that job seekers who work with recruiters get paid just as much or more as colleagues who aren’t found by recruiters. Why? Recruitment is a service that companies pay for (above and beyond your salary) to facilitate a smoother hiring process and find quality talent. These are valuable factors that employers are willing to pay a premium for. What’s more, recruiters are excellent salary negotiators who represent their candidates’ best interests.

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