Wondering whether you’re a “creative thinker” or what a “fast-paced” workplace is? We decode some of the most common buzzwords and explain what they reveal about a potential employer.

In an ideal world, job postings would describe the role in clear and simple language. In reality, recruiters use jargon that needs some decoding — but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The words and phrases in job ads often hold valuable clues to a potential employer’s culture and expectations. To help you decipher those clues, here’s the lowdown on eight common buzzwords.

1. hands-on

Expect to roll your sleeves up and get directly involved with different projects or teams. If it’s a managerial role, you’ll need to be highly engaged in the day-to-day activities and decisions of your direct reports. A hands-on position would suit a candidate who likes being at the center of the action, working closely with colleagues to achieve common goals.

2. fast-paced work environment

Employees have to roll with things happening quickly in this workplace. That could include juggling multiple projects, taking on last-minute tasks or dealing with unexpected changes. If you’re organized, enjoy spontaneity and see challenges as new adventures to be conquered, you’ll thrive here.

3. dynamic

This term is similar to “shows initiative” or “self-starter.” There’s unlikely to be much hand-holding or frequent check-ins at this company. If you’re the sort of employee who doesn’t want to be micromanaged and likes having the autonomy to set your own schedule, this could be a good role for you.

4. creative thinker

Like “thinking out of the box,” this buzzword refers to someone who can look at problems from different angles to come up with an effective solution. Many companies recognize that processes can become routine and entrenched, so someone who brings a new perspective is a valuable addition to the team. This role would suit an individual who enjoys brainstorming different ideas, challenging established thinking and looking beyond the obvious.

5. passionate

The company is looking for a candidate who enjoys their work and shows it. That may be because you’re enthusiastic about the employer’s mission or simply because you love the job itself — whether that’s scheduling meetings, resolving issues with difficult customers or balancing the office budget. If you feel fired up about the prospect of working there after researching the company and the role, you’re on the right track.

6. detail-oriented

This refers to someone who pays close attention to the little things, from remembering clients’ names to writing flawless reports. A detail-oriented position would suit a candidate who works methodically, asks lots of questions and enjoys checking for errors and inaccuracies. Remember, though, that you can be both detail-oriented and someone who sees the whole picture — most successful managers combine the two.

7. professional

You’ll most likely come across this buzzword in a position where high standards of appearance and conduct are expected. Respect and punctuality are valued in this workplace, so if you’re invited for an interview, remember to dress appropriately and get there early. This is a role for applicants who enjoy embodying good business etiquette and representing the company’s brand.

8. results-driven

A results-driven employee knows their goals and is focused on achieving them within a set deadline. This work environment is likely to be one where employees are expected to deliver results based on clear and measurable expectations. It would suit candidates who enjoy identifying problems and taking personal responsibility for finding solutions.

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