Don’t let a layoff define you — take control of your career and bounce back like a pro with these top tips. Don’t let a layoff define you — take control of your career and bounce back like a pro with these top tips.

Back on the job market due to a layoff? Things aren’t nearly as grim as the latest headlines might lead you to believe. In fact, today’s labor market remains tight, which means there are more jobs than there are people available to work those jobs.

But landing a new job after a layoff is still a challenge, no matter how good your prospects are. Here are eight tips that will help you bounce back.

1. take some time for yourself

Layoffs are tough, and you’re going to need some time to process what’s happened. Whether it’s a day or a weekend, give yourself the gift of a short break so you can regain your perspective: Remember that every layoff can be reframed as an opportunity-filled diamond in the rough.

2. be prepared 

There’s sound reasoning behind the saying, Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. And the best time to prepare is now, before you kick off your job search. Update your resume, create a cover letter template, make your lists. Be prepared, so you can hit the ground running. 

3. treat your job search like a job

There are many pieces to the job search puzzle, so treat the process like a full-time job. Not only will this give you the structure you need to be productive, but it will also help you stay motivated on the days when all you want to do is lay on the sofa and scroll through TikTok on your phone. 

4. network, network, network

Professional networking platforms like LinkedIn are invaluable when you’re looking for a job — and if you haven’t popped into LinkedIn lately, you might be surprised at how much the platform has evolved. But remember your personal networks, too. Whether it’s family or friends, don’t be embarrassed to let everyone know you’re looking for a new position. 

5. stay organized

Staying organized is the superpower that will help you keep on track no matter how long your job search takes. Whether it’s a spreadsheet, Google calendar, or pen and paper, use whatever works to track information such as where and when you’ve applied, who you’ve reached out to and when you should follow up.

6. don’t stop until you’ve signed that offer

Getting that call to set up an interview is exciting, but it doesn’t mean it’s time to stop looking. A successful job search is all about the numbers, so keep sending out those applications, connecting with recruiters and following up — even if that first (or third!) interview went so well you can already see yourself behind your new desk.  

7. not all job offers are created equal

Chances are, you’ll go through your share of rejections before you get an offer, but it’s not about taking the first offer you get. No matter how hard your job search has been, remember your goal is to land the job that’s a good match to your experience, skill set, and salary and benefit requirements.

8. be good to yourself

The road ahead can be pretty bumpy and filled with too few ups and too many downs. Which is why you need to take good care of yourself. Now is the time to eat right, exercise and get enough sleep: Be good to yourself, so that you can meet each day refreshed. 

There’s no way around it: Being laid off is tough. But with the right mindset and approach, you can quickly bounce back and get that fresh start.