Whether you’re looking to kick-start a new career or earn some spending money for your vacation, a seasonal job could be just the ticket. Here’s a rundown of the best seasonal jobs — and the ones that pay the most.

Seasonal jobs are a great way to develop your skills, find a change of pace and explore a new field. They can also be a good opportunity to earn some extra cash — as seasonal positions are often in high demand, they tend to pay more than an average position. There also might be an opportunity for overtime work. If you’re OK knowing the contract has an end date, with no guarantee of extension, a seasonal job could be just what you need.

How long do seasonal roles last? That depends on the field and position. Seasonal summer jobs, like resort staffing and landscaping work, typically run from around May to September. Fruit or flower picking, on the other hand, might keep you busy for just a few weeks during peak season.

Now for the main question: What seasonal jobs pay the most? Here are some of the best-paying summer and temporary jobs you can find.

warehouse roles 

Warehouse positions, including order picker/packers, materials handlers and general warehouse associates, are always in-demand positions, and still so during the summer months. The job itself isn’t likely to vary from year-round work — tasks might include processing and packaging orders, receiving shipments and tracking inventory. The hourly pay rate ranges from $15 to $20.


Landscaping crews keep residential yards and commercial properties looking trim and lush from early spring through fall. You could find work either through a landscaping company, which contracts at a variety of properties, or with an organization like a university or a city’s department of public works. Tasks include lawn mowing, yard cleaning, weed whacking and planting/watering. Expect to earn $17-$22 per hour, with the possibility of performance-based or seasonal completion bonuses.


Between sprawling resorts, hotels and summer camps, housekeeping and janitorial crew are always sought after come summer. Employers at tourist hot spots such as lakes, beaches and amusement parks will offer the most competitive hourly rates — expect $15-$23. Some places also offer seasonal accommodation as well. 

front desk attendant 

Resorts, offices and summer attractions are also always in need of receptionists to welcome visitors, answer calls, sort mail and schedule appointments. In addition, many companies may hire temporary front desk attendants as backup or support while their full-time employees are on summer vacation. Hourly rates are in the $18-$20 ballpark, with lots of entry-level positions available.

seasonal customer service representative

Companies in sectors like tourism, retail and manufacturing often need to hire extra customer service reps during peak seasons. If you’ve got people skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment, you can expect to earn $15-$20 per hour in one of these roles. Duties may include handling inbound and outbound calls, answering customer questions and recording calls in software platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Excel. The legacy of Covid means that many of these positions continue to be remote, with the company often providing a laptop and cellphone. 

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