how we help healthcare companies

Whether you're looking for short-term project-based support or a long-term direct hire, our customized solutions deliver value from day one. Through our managed resource program, we can customize the level of ownership and duration of activity in which you need a partner. From full ownership on your end to ours for projects less than a year and expanding over 3+ years, we can customize the right fit.

  • Healthcare projects: From EMR implementations to custom dev work, hand over full projects to us so that you can hit deadlines. Learn more.
  • Outsourcing: Outsource functions like helpdesk or desktop support to us and forgo the cost and management of building an in-house team. Learn more.
  • Staffing augmentation and direct hire: Need a contract dev or BI analyst? We'll deliver the talent your tech team needs across virtually every position. When it’s time to grow your team’s expertise and add an FTE, our team can find them faster than internal recruiting alone. Learn more.

projects and outsourcing capabilities